Get Your Priorities Straight Blizzard!

I’ll make this as quick. When someone is toxic (which can be avoided with a simple mute), why do they get a 7-day silence, then 7-day suspension, then 20-day suspension, then perma-ban? Why are these punishments so harsh, when you can simply just mute the person and never hear from them again.

The problem is, throwing games. I read that someone deranked an account from 3.5 to <500 sr without A SINGLE SUSPENSION. Not one suspension for ruining 3000 sr worth of games. This isn’t like someone being toxic, because you can’t simply just mute someone. You actually lose the game because you are fighting a 5v6.

Blizzard, get your priorities straight. Being toxic isn’t ok, but IT IS NOT A BANNABLE OFFENSE. You should not be banned for cursing or calling someone bad at the game. You shouldn’t even be suspended, the right punishment for toxicity is a permanent silence. However, throwers should be given a 7 day suspension, and if the throwing continues, then give them a perma ban. Something avoidable by 1 button should not be held above something that is unavoidable.

It’s simple. Blizzard, get your priorities straight.


Being toxic is much easier to detect than someone deranking, there’s obviously going to be outliers on people who do throw games but the system is only as good as the community reporting them


Being toxic is subjective while throwing is objective. If someone is sensitive, they will report you for toxicity while a normal person probably wouldn’t. Throwing isn’t based on emotions though, it’s right in front of you. It’s honestly stupid how emotions can lead to a ban when someone ruining the game for others doesn’t.

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Someone using a slur is much more obvious than someone using healing instead of speed


You are 100% wrong. Toxic players are by far the single biggest problem with the entire game. The current process for banning toxic players is too lenient if anything.

People who can’t play an online game without verbally abusing other players have no business playing a game with anyone else.

Instead of complaining to Blizzard, ask your parents to finish raising you- they’re clearly only halfway done.


It’s simple tho, toxic players are the biggest problem for casual games, throwing/smurfing are the biggest problem for competitive games.

So basically they are marketing this game as competitive but sets their priority as a casual one.


And there in lie the reason I never join chat voice or otherwise. Can’t risk being punished if you say nothing. Yes communication suffers but o well I don’t really mind winning or losing. Yes it irks me when I lose a winnable fight, but do i care not really.

Of course. Then there is the case of when you are reported for playing the wrong character. And due to an automation being used, it results with the mess we currently have. Blizzard doesn’t care tho. Gives the people more excuses to spend money.

Yes you can mute them after someone starts be abusive, BUT you and your teammates would have already seen the toxic messages, which would significantly lower the morale of the whole team. And things get even worse when someone in your team starts to fight back with that toxic kid, which distract 2 or more people from concentrate on the game and results in a overall team performance that’s even poorer than 1 people throwing.

So yeah, one toxic person really is more destructive to the gaming experience than a single thrower.

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They’re harsh because the majority of customers dont want to play with people who are so childish that they cant control their anger.

It doesn’t matter that you can be muted or blocked. Nobody wants to listen to some manchild insult his team on mic and it pushes people to quit.

Due to this, Blizzard as a business sacrifice the minority of toxic players for the majorty of well behaved paying customers. Dont like it? Tough. It wont change. The only reason throwing isn’t punished as quickly is that it’s harder to prove.


It’s funny to me that the people who complain about toxic players tend to be slightly toxic themselves. I don’t think you should berate your team for a mistake. But to say that being toxic is wrong while being toxic to the said individual is incredibly hypocritical.

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Yes, being disruptive in voice or text chat can result in a permanent ban. The Blizzard In-Game Code-of-Conduct clearly states:

I will also note that Overwatch team did announce they were taking actions toward all forms of disruptive abusive chat.

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I agree. Many of them are vested interests.


I agree that throwers are a bigger issue than toxic players. But I don’t believe that being toxic is a non-issue.

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Couldn’t of put it any better .
And he seem to not be toxic but is just to people who try and avoid consequences for their wrong doing

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