"Get some friends, there are 5 of us and you're alone."

hey it could be worse you could be a torb one trick and bastion player thats almost every game for me you just gotta get used to it which is a problem of its own for the game but what would i know im again a torb trick and bastion player feelstorbman :pensive:

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Ah OK, we’re going for the theory of the worst case scenario where every single thing that could go wrong goes wrong in the worst possible way, all consecutively around the MMR/SR range of the largest pool of players (the mean) in the entire game. Gotcha.


… or you can just take a break from comp. that’s what i usually do to avoid playing with/against certain people. i wait a few minutes for them to queue into a game.

The point is Blizzard doesn’t care. They don’t have any way to manually report these players, and 5 stacks will NEVER reach the threshold of being banned by reports using the automated system (max 1 report per game given they are reported every single time they do it). Blizzard doesn’t say, “for extremely unacceptable behavior, please send video proof to xxxxx@blizzard.com” or “post it on youtube and then submit a ticket with the URL.” They go the opposite route and have a “no naming and shaming rule” and instead ban YOU for trying to report people. They want to have 0 employees and have the CEO rake in all the cash, so automated and crowdsourced solutions are all they have, and they won’t even give us close to the number of slots it would take to avoid all the people like this from even a single 1 hour gaming session.

They. Don’t. Care.

BTW done with my rant, but my point still stands. Sorry for the abuse while I made it. Gotta run. :slight_smile:


Does anyone else have issues actually getting to the real blue post on this thread?

It’s comment 265. …

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LOL YES. just click summarize replies.

@merlinbrando its this.

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I get this type of behavior like every other game after playing sombra or bastion, yet you give the player you’re replying too much red carpet, meanwhile other players get even worse treatment; the harassers get reported but go scotfree to continue playing.

I think this is a good post to say, stop putting me in groups with a 5 stack. I want my solo queue. Often times they are just bullies and most likely false report

I agree. 100%

Player obtains permanent UUID ban read from the motherboard.

Force these types of asshats to buy entire new hardware setups every time they want to carry on with this garbage.

They can’t sit there and comb over the thousands upon thousands of one-off reports they receive every day to find the few instances like this.

And if they did, what even is the penalty? Everyone here seems to disagree with what it should be. Personally I think it’s a non-issue. Just ignore it and walk away. a**holes will be a*ssholes. Others are saying permaban them. Those are literally the polar opposite ends of the spectrum - who is right?

So what’s the appropriate response, and what’s the appropriate amount of resources they should use to identify these issues? Someone may be in good standing and just be having a really bad day and that person just really ticked them off and they go off on them with just a nasty insult. Should that one thing cause them punishment even though nobody else in the entire game has every reported them?

the whole post summarizes what its like to play comp as a torb one trick but it isn’t occasionally that something like this happens to me its every game report the person saying kys and then get a warning about improper use of reporting feature and gameplay sabotage but one tricking isnt bannable its just getting reported for one tricking that is


There should basically be three tiers of issues:

Annoying/Irritating/Rude/Low Emotional I.Q.

Toxic/Throwing/Raging/Calling out Individual Players

Use a Heuristics engine to identify and highlight pattern/problem behavior.

If user complaints are correlated with Heuristics engine then player is silenced.

There really is no right way to do this, not without either enabling folks to abuse the system to troll players they don’t like or enabling toxic behavior to go un-punished.

Best they could do is force an M rating of the game, that way anybody playing the game can be held adult responsible for their actions.

Nothing more infuriating than a 10 year-old telling me to KMS at 11pm in the evening.

I think that’s a great source of toxicity in the game:

Immature humans.

Apologies, maybe I’m being stupid - what is the third tier?

EDIT: Or did you mean the heuristics engine is the third tier and used to correlate with the other two? OK I think I gotcha (feel free to correct me)

LOL avoid him as a teammate? What if he already blocked 2 trolls? Should he unblock the least offensive, or should you fix your trash system???


btw i dont think you should kys dandy i dont think someone killing them self is ever neccesary the people who joke about it clearly haven’t had someone they know do it so its funny to them

Because he is trying to justify the use when the complaint isn’t against a valid use of it ingame but instead telling another player to out of malice. And he even said sarcastic use was an example. Which again, is not justifiable. You are telling a player to respawn faster? By all means. Using it against another player out of anger? No

Has this really happened? Outrageous.


yeah its bad but if you one trick you just gotta get used to it unfortunately but i guess in the eyes of our dps overlords we one tricks aren’t people and deserve being told to kill ourselves