"Get some friends, there are 5 of us and you're alone."

Holy sh*t,

What have become of the forums! The guy has a good point. Lets not debate what is the meaning of life in a games forum about 100000 post in.

Really i’m not sure what is worse me taking the time to read half this cr*p, or you guys for bothering to reply with anything but:

"Im sorry that happend to you man, hope you meet better people next game. Make sure you report them!"

That is the end of this topic…damn the internet…look at what is has done to us!


Honestly, there is no point in trying to argue with these people. It appears that they are projecting themselves, dismissing our thoughts and enabling toxicity in OW. They are part of the problem, and nothing we say can change their minds.

They think it’s okay to tell you how to react to toxicity, as if it’s your fault that it happened to begin with. They hold no empathy for anyone else because they only care about themselves.

You don’t have to defend yourself either, especially your mental health.


Not sure if you are referring to me as jaded or the person telling the OP to kill themself, but if it is me you’re referring to I must thank you for proving my point.

I come here to give words of closure and support to the victim, then recieve criticism and a minor insult for standing up for the OP.

If you are referring to the toxic people, disregard this.

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The real problem here is that those who say that kind of stuff are LITERALLY committing a felony. It is FEDERALLY illegal (all 50 states) to make death threats. I’d love to see some of these people in jail over a game. It would be great.

To hell with context, it doesn’t matter in the slightest.


That’s their choice. You don’t get to say you didn’t.

And telling someone to kill themselves should never be acceptable. Shame on you.

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o boy dandy that was a rough read buddy I’m sorry that happened. Oof

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this community in a nutshell. you cant take something somebody says so you want them to never play a game that they payed for again. get over it and move on. if you cant handle interactions with people who dont like you or arnt nice ive got bad news for you about life.


The internet requires some thick skin. not that this is right, but there will ALWAYS be someone willing to go there.

When that something someone said goes against Blizzard CoC, then yes they deserve to be punished for it.

It’s clear that some people don’t even know there is a code of conduct that they willingly agreed to follow when they made a Blizzard account, that straight up tells them what behavior is not acceptable or tolerated. If anyone fails to live by those standards while playing the game, and Blizzard catches them, they will take action and silence/ban accounts. They have even fired people from OWL over it. It doesn’t mater if you paid for the game, you still have to abide by the rules Blizzard has set out for you.


Freedom of speech is not at stake here regardless of what anyone thinks. There is no such thing as freedom of speech in a moderated forum or game. You’re not fighting to preserve anything more than the ability to get away with expressing unacceptable and illegal levels of abuse. It’s actually disgusting to hear all of this defense. You all act so self-righteous because you’re fighting for “freedom of speech”, but there is no such thing as freedom of speech in this game or community. You can’t even say GG EZ without being censored. You can freely talk about whatever you want out in the “real world”, but not here. The system isn’t going to relax the rules that are already in place. You are literally fighting to preserve something we don’t even have to begin with. Go be a bigot outside and see what happens(don’t actually do this, but I can guarantee it wouldn’t go well). People love doing it from behind their screen because nothing can happen aside from a temporary silence that may or may not escalate to a ban depending on the person. Then they can just buy a new account when it goes on sale and restart their toxic cycle to avoid ever getting anything more than a temporary silence.

I don’t get this victim shaming but did nobody ever stand up for you when you needed it? Now you can’t stand it happening for others since it’s too late for you, as you’ve already developed the “tough skin”? I am probably more resilient than the vast majority of people in this society as a result of the life I’ve lived, but I also care a great deal for that very same reason. I want positive change. That’s all. Cut the bs about freedom of speech and big brother. There is no argument, it is not okay to tell someone to end their life. It doesn’t matter where you say it, it’s not okay. It’s actually disgusting that people are standing up for this system that enables illegal levels of abuse.

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It’s funny because if you complain about smurfs or want to play a certain hero some people may literally go ALL IN on you. It’s disgusting.

It’s not actually that complicated. The first amendment only applies to the U.S. federal government, it does not apply to private institutions, Australia, Korea, or any other country in the world. The first amendment merely states that the federal government can’t censor a person or a private institution. But a private institution could censor a person on their property or using their services.

We say it like if someone reads the letters “kys” that they have a 99% chance of immediately committing suicide. Most human beings are more mentally stable than that. If a string of letters was the difference between you and death, then the problem isn’t the letters, the problem is your untreated depression. Every single person that I’ve ever seen on overwatch otherwise has never killed themself because some player typed the letters “kys”.

But instead of treating depression which can actually cause irreversible long term physical damage to your body due to its side effects such as malnutrition, stress and mutilation, you would rather target negative words from other people. It’s not victim shaming to say a person with depression needs help FIRST.

There is something really destructive about this generation that it wants to victimize itself as much as possible. It’s a well known fact that no one is perfect, yet everyone considers themself a martyr. And everybody wants to bypass due process of the law just to put extreme punishments upon minor crimes like speech that you disagree with.

It’d be like instead of sending millitary recruits to bootcamp, we just kindly ask warring countries not to try to kill us. If the untrained soldiers die, we just blame the enemy country and pretend like sending soldiers to bootcamp is “victim shaming”.

Whether or not what these people say is against the rules, you still have to prove that they said it. Otherwise you could easily say, I don’t like you, I’m going to report you for using racial slurs. Proving that these people broke the rules is the reason why these systems aren’t as efficient as you would prefer.

Instantly an innocent player is permanently banned from the game all because you got upset that one time some random guy on the internet typed the n-word into match chat which you could have muted, but chose not to.


You clearly haven’t read 95% of what I’ve said in this thread.

I’m glad you understand what freedom of speech is and why it has nothing to do with this discussion.

I never said the problem was the letters, I said that the letters are a problem. This is universally agreed upon in this thread. “Most” not all. You don’t know that it’s not a matter of time. The game is relatively new and gaining a lot of traction outside of the gaming community compared to most other games.

Instead of? No. That’s irrelevant again. I do think that they need help first, but I think we can do our part too within this community. Very irrelevant, especially regarding me personally.

If a permanent silence is something you consider an extreme punishment, you’re living a sheltered life. If losing the privilege to play a video game is an extreme punishment, you’re living a sheltered life. I’m sorry, but that’s not extreme.

I don’t know how to respond to this paragraph so I won’t. Nice convenient example? I just don’t know what you’re getting at really so I won’t try. Sounds like you’re grasping at straws.

There is proof in this case since it happened in text. Blizzard has access to the chat logs that triggered this thread. It’s not rocket science, action will be taken. To what degree I do not know and will never know due to the way I am notified. What I do know is that I do not have to prove to you, and even if I did for some twisted reason, I would get banned for sharing the proof.

What??? If someone says a racial slur in match chat they are not innocent. This last paragraph is really really weird.


It’s not about proving it to me, it’s about proving it to blizzard.

What you do not understand is that blizzard has a limited amount of man power. Which is a result of the game making a limited amount of profit due to the price of the game being very affordable.

There are not enough blizzard employees to review every single report that gets sent. They have to rely on the automated system. So if you have any idea that can expedite that process without bypassing “innocent until proven guilty”, please tell me.

The last paragraph is saying if we bypass due process, then we risk innocent players getting banned for breaking no rules just because someone might choose to abuse the report system. Yes rule breakers would be punished that way, but innocent players would also get punished.

We see that very example happen with one-tricks all the time. Torbjorn/Symmetra players getting banned time and time again without breaking any rules purely because other players didn’t like them.

The technology is clearly there though, it is actively in place detecting and censoring GG EZ and a ton of variations of that phrase. If they have the technology to detect that, then it is possible to apply it to racial slurs, or people telling each other to end their lives. All I am saying is that if someone is actually proven guilty, that they should be permanently silenced. I’m not as radical as you’re making me out to be and I don’t believe that it is possible to take away the ability people have to express such hateful words. I don’t treat it like they are 99% likely to listen to those who are trying to encourage them into taking their own lives, seriously or not. It is just a problem that people are saying those things to each other.

You are afraid of something I’m not even trying to make happen. You would rather people that care just leave chat altogether. “If you can’t handle the cess pool then stay out heh” but I disagree. I think we’re mostly better than that and should be better than that.

I don’t really have the energy to give a deeper response than this, but come on. Don’t act like I’m so extremely unreasonable. I’m being quite realistic and fair.

edit: To sum it up, I agree, there is no instant fix. We can do more than we’re doing and I believe we should be. That’s all. Feel free to disagree. I don’t care if you do or don’t.

It’s not someone false reporting though. It is someone reporting another person for behaving in a way that is against Blizzard Code of Conduct. I’ll repeat something I posted earlier…

Blizzard has it writing for all to see. They do not accept abusive words/ behavior. To report someone for it, and then that person gets silenced or banned, is not the reporters doing the wrong thing. They are actually reporting someone who is very clearly behaving against the Blizzards CoC. It has nothing to do with not being able to handle another person words, and everything to do with someone acting against Blizzard CoC. They do not want abusive people playing the game and creating an environment that is unhealthy and umwelcoming for other players. Telling someone else to go kill themselves is 100% against Blizzards CoC and they have silenced and banned people for saying it.


Yes you could match the letters of the n-word and use that to instantly ban someone. I get that. But that is a real band-aid on a bigger wound. They could just change the spelling and it would still be just as offensive.

And then the overwatch team is forced on some wild chase for every possible way to type an offensive text. It could theoretically get to the point where you get banned for saying the word “class” purely because the spelling involves a vulgar word.

It’s a solution, but it’s not a good one. And it’s not going to help at all with abusive chat in voice chat.

Even GG EZ. Even though it’s censored everybody knows what it means so it’s just as offensive. I’m not against punishing people who break the rules. I don’t really think in this situation that a permanent chat ban would be an unreasonable punishment. I want to get that out there. What I don’t want is to hinder good players’ ability to enjoy the game.

So if we have solutions. Put them on the table I’m fine with that. All I’m saying is we have to be sure we’re not punishing the general population for the misdemeanor of a few.

It’s not on me to figure out how to implement such a system. It’s on blizzard. I don’t have the money to do it and even if I did, it’s not my responsibility.

I just don’t think we need to use overwatch as a realm of getting over all these social problems. It’s fine to work that stuff out in the real world. You’re not gonna make the world a better place by making a good system in overwatch, you’re gonna make it so people have a positive experience when they play overwatch. Doesn’t have to be a political arena you know? The world is bigger than just overwatch. There is a time and place for healing this wound of society and I don’t really think overwatch is the place.

No, that will literally never happen. This isn’t 1984 or some other orwellian society. It won’t be just because of a change in a video game’s policies on extreme forms of toxicity.

No, it won’t help with the abusive chat in voice chat, but it will help with the abusive chat in text. Don’t be so extreme, it’s not all or nothing. Little efforts add up over time.

What if it wasn’t just GG EZ, but a ton of different things with the same silly pool of censorship replacements? Then you wouldn’t have any idea what they are saying. Do you catch my drift?

Like I said, it’s not my job, not my company, not my responsibility. Not my qualification. I don’t even have qualifications cause I’m busted in the head LOL.

edit: Also, if someone is twisted enough to try to circumvent the censorship system, they have provided proof that they do not abide by the values blizzard has set and are worthy of a permanent silence or even a permanent ban from the game. This would really reduce the amount of incidents experienced, and we could still remove exceptionally toxic people from the game when proof is given. If someone is spamming censored phrases, just report them for spam and move on. Perhaps blizzard could have the ability to unmask censored phrases and take appropriate action if needed, but that’s their discretion. I don’t really feel I am being unreasonable at all.

That is the point, right there, disciplinary action over words because “muh safe space” is hilarious.

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just hold ur report button tight there care bear itll be ok

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