Get Rid Of Role-Q

As mentioned by Papa Jefe before he rolled, and uncle Aaron in the latest dev update, 5v5 allows for more individual carry potential.

In watching one of the first ever dev updates I saw for Overwatch (this was before I even played the game) Jefe had stated that 6v6 was the perfect number of players to ENFORCE team cohesion and synergy as a requirement for winning.

Well… It works too well… So they’re going to 5v5…

Personally I know 2-2-2 made the game way more enjoyable for me. This game was garbage when OQ was the only queue.

I will concede though, secretly I wouldn’t be surprised if 2-2-2 was at least 35+% influenced by shutting down GOATS. It literally had to be…

Personally the Hero Shooter meta was my favorite and removing a tank will likely bring back more of that play style.

In the Dev update for 5v5, Uncle Aaron says they want the game to be more flanky and duelist style (paraphrased but I’ll post the link for you if you care) than a big mashup of team fights.

6v6 is too complicated for casual players to understand and too many abilities and cooldowns for them to wrap their head around. Which is why the learning curve is so steep for Overwatch.

Well another thing, you could say I put a decent amount of thought into role queue design.

✅ [2-2-2] Putting RoleQ into Quickplay
✅ [Role Select] Finalizing this concept

✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2


Indeed, well played… Though personally, instead of HARD 2-2-2, they probably could have added a Flex Role that flexes between 2 roles and balanced around 2-2-2 anyways.

That’s kinda what the third link is, the problem is that it doesn’t fix queue times.

Personally I think they should have kept 6v6, buffed tanks, then remove any semblance of “Basically an offtank, but not in the Tank role”.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

That’s an interesting proposal. I honestly haven’t put much thought into what I would prefer. I think 5v5 will be interesting but over the life span of the game, Tanks will become Fat DPS and supports will become DPS that heal sometimes. And DPS will just be more lethal hopefully.

They keep saying they want to reduce the time to kill… The only way to do that is to make things die faster… Less health, less sustain, higher damage values…

You could say I’ve put some thought into that too.

No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

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Haha…. damn….

Though as much as I enjoy Valorant (I actually really like it) I’m kinda hoping Overwatch doesn’t become angle holding simulator 2.1.

Though the hero shooter aspect is by far the most enjoyable.

Maps like Kings Row and Hanamura would be very interesting to play on with no shield on either team.

It’ll certainly increase the minimum skill required to play Overwatch.

Or blizzard could fix the issues with role queue instead. For example, like adding more tanks to the game. There are more DPS characters than tanks and healers combined, of course people are going to want to play that role more.

Play open queue then

There is no such thing as fake role-less queue

I won’t be clarifying that point any further in this thread

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You can ignore the existence of FAKE Open Queue as much as you want, that wont make it stop existing… [angry face]

As an aside, there were accusations of lying or of someone being a liar earlier in discussion(s)

I would prefer that further conversation consist of truthful statements

No you wouldnt, you just want to tell lies about FAKE Open Queue not existing.

Nope every point you made is wrong already stated why

I ask one final time that accusations that I am a liar cease immediately

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except the points arent wrong, and I have already stated why

since this side conversation has devolved more or less into “yes I did” “no you didnt” “yes I did” etc, I won’t be responding to it further

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I ask one final time that you stop lying about the existence of FAKE Open Queue.

But so many DPS mains were saying how they’re totally okay with having longer queues if it means “balanced” team.

Say what? That there’s throwers and ticket farmers who just play tank and support as fast queue DPS? Yeah, nothing new.

why don’t you just keep to open queue instead of throwing games for those who prefer role q…all for a measly box…

a rewards is a reward no mater how light view them like daily quest, you dont do them because you enjoy them. You don’t think ppl would hang around alot in arcade if you didn’t get boxes its the same thing but for 1 game instead of 3 sets of 3 wins.