Get rid of flashpoint

These levels suck, they are too big, its obvious these are just failed PVE levels, it goes too long its not balanced nobody enjoys this you can keep the gamemode for arcade but it doesn’t belong in a competitive mode. I’d rather play 2cp than this poop mode.

5CP with dynamic spawns

They wouldn’t suck as bad if they just made it clear where you’re supposed to go.

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It seems like a lazy version of koth where they didn’t want to put in the effort making 3 unique maps so they just made one big one instead. It’s obvious the dev’s hearts are not in it anymore ever since Lunar Colony and Paris and they got their feelings hurt. I don’t believe were ever going to see another actual good map like Lijiang or Eichenwalde again.

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So you speak for everyone? Cuz I enjoy them


I’m not usually on the forums for praising the game. But I have never criticized the maps or modes. I enjoyed every 2CP map, push map, and love flashpoint maps.

My biggest criticisim about maps is that they removed any at all. They should all be in competitive. The more variation the less stagnation.

Maps are more important than new heroes, but are immensely harder to make.

you are just mad cuz bad

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i love flash point its a well designed gamemode. it doesn’t keep you stuck to 1 place also if u cant figure out where to go that’s a you issue

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I would play Kings row all day everyday.

As long as Paris exists in its current state, this statement is objectively false.