Get rid of an effect on player death

I’m trying to make a workshop gamemode where players take 2 hits to get killed. When they kill an enemy their HP is set back to 2, and when a player’s HP is 1 I want an effect to linger over them to show that they are wounded. The problem is I don’t know how to get rid of this effect, after they die or when they heal back to full.

Set your effects and in-world text to variables when you create them so they can be easily singled out and deleted later:
Event Player.WoundedEffect[0] = Last Created Entity;
Event Player.WoundedEffect[1] = Last Text ID;

Destroy Effect(Event Player.WoundedEffect[0]);
Destroy In-World Text(Event Player.WoundedEffect[1]);

Is Dead(Event Player) == True;
“If using a default Hero specifc health pool”
Health(Event Player) == 200;
“If you use custom health pools, this is easier”
Normalized Health(Event Player) == 1;

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