Geoff Goodman talking about characters

Geoff Goodman (lead hero designer) talking about Ashe and other characters.

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Lead hero designer and lead balance.

Hmm, that explains a lot.


Wouldn’t call it “talking about characters”. Short summary:

  • OWL casters/desk banter a bit about whether Ashe will be played into Stage 1 GOATs, or Dive… no one knows of course (personally am pessimistic)
  • Old news about Geoff Goodman recapping how Ashe came from the short instead of the original 50, and how Ashe didn’t end up being iterated on much compared to normal heroes (was a quick release process)

What I found most interesting were the seemingly conflicting statements:

  • “I’m Geoff Goodman and I’m the lead hero designer for Overwatch. Pretty much been the one designing all the heroes up until now, so you can blame me for everything.”
  • “A bunch of our designers went back and sort of had some initial pitches for what Ashe could be, and multiple designers came back with BOB as her ultimate.”

So, basically, Geoff is being a nice guy and trying to take the blame/responsibility for the game’s heroes panning out how they do. And has the final say. But–isn’t the sole person coming up with kits.

No point here, just found that interesting.


He was fired from heroes of the Storm…think about that


Like, legit fired, or just transferred over to this game? Was he the lead hero and balance designer for Heroes of the Storm? Doesn’t make sense to fire someone in the lead role for hero design and balance, and then decide to make him the lead designer for another game.

He was let go, and Jeff hired him onto OW for some unknown reason.

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And after he was let go, HOTS became magically balanced for unknown and unrelated reasons.


I think it’s also important to know that Jeff was a very vocal user among the WoW community just like everyone here

Did you play HOTS and interact with him on it or hear that?

I’ve heard it lots of places but, I never actually seen much of anything about him in the HOTS community.