Geoff appreciation thread

On the topic of making chokes not worth defending.

I want to present a balance concept to you, just food for thought really.

If you introduce more mechanics like Teleporter that enable bypassing chokes(a common cause of frustration on Assault maps), then players would be more encouraged to incorporate ‘scouting’ into their play to determine whether the enemy team is planning an ‘honest’ approach or attempting to bypass the choke in some way. This would in turn increase the pickrates of heroes that do this job well without directly buffing them in any way. For example, Sombra is often used to scout enemy compositions and determine their attack plans.

I just think more things that encourage alternate play styles would be more welcomed by the community at large than some may initially assume. Again, food for thought.

Honestly would really like to play those prototype weapon/heroes so much xD Even if its in early build

I wonder if they ever wanted to give Wrecking Ball the wall bounce mechanic as well

We have Ana/Moira and now Baptiste and they have a lot of burst healing, this game doesnt need any more.

The ability to shoot through objects is just too OP, Bastion had this ability once before live and it was stupid

The stance switch basically just sounds like Lucio crossfade…we should be making characters more unique not less

If 130 is going to be the magic number, can we have some changes to the mines to have a more consistent damage instead at a lesser number? If buffing 140 is not possible, then his other toolkit needs to be strengthened as he’s still having issues.

Traps is also another alternative as dashes like Tracer/Genji can jump over it. So maybe making it’s vertical trigger just slightly higher to prevent anyone jumping above it would be good?


appreciate tiny increments buffs, like they did inspire, tiny increments here and there, slowly pushing to what they feel is perfect or right, always liked seeing that happen

And we need more, just a bit more. Junkrat with 130 doesn’t really shake things up since and little reason to pick him. If 140 is no longer possible, the mines are the only things left to be change to make it more consistent.

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maybe meet in middle, or take it in slow increments of +2/+3 dmg or even meet in middle of +5dmg

I too would love for a shorter deployment time. Maybe as a trade-off you could add a 1 second cooldown between each teleportation, so that a full team takes deployment + 6 seconds to pass through?
That way the first teleportation happens faster, which is great for a Symm clutch, and it still takes time to teleport a full team, while requiring planning to send a team in the right order to increase survivability.

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I prefer consistent mines since Geoff in this thread basically said 140 nade isn’t possible (Despite Hanzo doing 125 already and being more than able to do it fater, or widow being able to do that without even any boost.).

The only thing left is consistent mines.


Thank you for looking into the teleporter for both Sym and Reaper :slight_smile: I think consistency (location, bugginess) for the ability overall is the most important part to start with.
A teleporter interact radius being increased would help immensely, though, if speed is not something that you guys want to start with. That would help it be a tad more consistent. (Yes, however, I do think the tele speed deployment could be buffed a tad.)
Thanks to you guys for being responsive lately with PTR changes and such for multiple heroes.

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Wait, this was in Closed Beta?

Why wasn’t this revisited? I would have loved a change like this to combat Dive’s 5 season long fatigue, and it sounds like it could very easily break up GOATs currently.

That move does sound fun, if you could charge it or use all your missles at once if you press that skill xD maybe only unlocked after 50% ult charge. Spends your Ult charge.

An idea I had, was that Mercy could ‘channel’ 25-50% of her self-healing passive onto her M1, but only while the passive was active on herself

Limit Teleporter to 3 teleports then Geoff, not go faster

(See here: 💔 Likely going the wrong direction again with Sym and Reaper )
(and 🧞‍♀ 344 Days Since The Start of this post about Sym (4/10/18)(3/20/19))

what does this mean exactly? does this mean you were considering making junkrat’s bomb immediately explode instead of bouncing? or making it so his bombs didn’t do splash damage once they bounced. either way i’m glad you didn’t do the changes but i’m a bit confused what those changes were

this is a really cool ability that;d love to see on a future hero. maybe as a tank? i feel like making it a smoke bomb would make it more balanced that just an invisible barrier, since you’d be able to tell where the smoke bomb was.

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It means that after it hit the floor or bounce away, it will not detonate if someone steps on top of it and will only explode after the timer.

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I would love to see some changes/buffs/tweaks/experiments with Reaper.


yeah that would seem kinda bad and awkward.

Even if it was just a bigger interact radius it would really help in Grav.