Geoff appreciation thread

Could you explain me something I don’t understand about Mercy’s balance? Yes she has above average healing, but she does no damage AND has no burst healing on demad (Nade, Moira’a Orb, Repair Pack…), how is that fair? I understand havig a lot of healing means something just wont die, but other heros have far more healing, some in an area, while Mercys is single-target and she can’t do anything else while healing.

Couldn’t you also make Ress have no Movement Speed penalty but make it function like Hack where it is interrupted by damage and goes in a 5s CD? Self-stunning during Ress feels awful for a hero that’s supposed to have a high speed pace like her.


Hey Geoff, quick question:

Has the team ever considered a class-wide change to tanks in terms of their health pools and damage output? A common complaint around here is that at times they can feel like “fat DPS” as opposed to “tanks”. I was wondering if you perhaps have considered a class wide increase in health in accordance with an appropriately proportioned damage nerf? This might make stacking tanks have diminishing returns, due to lack of ample damage to kill things (especially other tanks).

The obvious drawback to this would be that it may draw out fights a little longer. It also may make off-tanks (especially Hog) feel weird with the lack of punch. Which is why I’ve also thought about maybe doing this to a lesser extent with the off-tanks.

Just a suggestion I’ve thought about recently, and I was wondering if this thought ever crossed your (or your team’s) mind. Also, if this thought has crossed your mind and you decided it wasn’t a good idea, for what reason did you do that?

Thanks, Geoff! I genuinely appreciate all of your hard work, and I know you don’t always get the support you have deserve on these forums, but you have a fan in me. Keep on keepin’ on, dude!

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Yep, from 85 meters per second to 100 was a bit too much, I think 90 would be ideal.


is there any chance for us to see a rework on Valkyrie or rez? i’ve been pretty vocal about how they have some issues like rez not belonging to a high mobility character and Valkyrie not changing the state of the fight (compared to beat, trans or nano boost) and it being drawn out


Have you ever tested a version of her being exactly/similar to TF2’s Medic?
Ramp up healing, overheal, losing all ult charge after a death but having an OP ult etc.

Also, get her back to 60 heals, ignore the trashcans who say she’s fine.


Speaking to the topic of the thread, I want to agree in saying I think Overwatch’s hero balance is excellent overall. I’m always thankful for how its been handled over the lifetime of the game, and was just talking about that to someone today in a conversation about Apex. As to this comment:

So possibly Junkrat buffs and some different Reaper buffs, since the pure passive healing buff was really problematic at the lower ranks.

It feels like you just don’t have enough knobs to turn with the crow-man. I’m sure you’re trying to keep him simple to understand, but to increase his skill ceiling it really feels like giving him a secondary ability might help here a lot. Obviously teleport catches a lot of flak too, and I think a recent excellent suggestion on the Competitive Overwatch reddit suggesting that you make it use the same mechanics as Doomfist’s ult was really smart (allowing him to teleport around corners or onto high ground he can’t see). I’d personally love to see that happen specifically.

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No way. I had spent hundreds of hours perfecting wallride only for him to - off the cuff - tell me I’m exploiting and absolutely gut my hero to the point they had to emergency fix it two days later and blow it off like it was nbd. Im not a fan

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What about the possibility of changing her speed at which she switches her weapons? It’s rather slow and it’d be nice if she was able to switch more frequently!


i think arcadium means that when you place the teleporter it would ALWAYS be put at symm’s feet from when she clicked the button

Holy Carpe!!! He answered more than two questions and answered the most faq about Mercy and Sym, Thank you soooo much Geoff!!!


the damage boost in game was altered because of the new hero, less so because of mercy herself

it’s a decent change, it’s more sideways that up or down so i say enjoy the change

Not sure if you forgot, but naming specific developers violates the CoC.

Whatever works for another appreciation thread though, right?

I think 55 hps would make mercy perfect

i would say it’s fair as the current design of mercy calls for her to be an off-healer who’s job it is to make other heroes (dps primarily) more effective. she’s a pocket healer in that case.

i think she’s fine as a healer in general, undertuned compared to other supports on the current live version of the client but i think all the supports should be brought DOWN to her level instead of buffing mercy back up

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Always wondered if they plan on giving a Tank a Sniper Rifle, Rail Cannon?
Or if they planned on implementing that Omnic Sniper in Ashe’s Cinematic

Baptiste is so fun to play btw^^

may i suggest a smoke cloud option?

What about teleporter interaction radius? Sometimes we do place a escape TP on Graviton in time, but it is just a few inches away from the interaction radius.

I understand it being short when you were only required to touch the TP to teleport from spawn, but is there any technical issue that would be problematic for the interaction radius to be a few meters wider?


honestly i think it would be fixed if the teleporter was built at her feet

I’m just imagining a way of making this work in my head where it doesn’t necessarily ‘remove’ a part of the geometry but rather create a sort of ‘portal’ for players to pass through the wall. In my mind it looks similar to the game Portal but as though you had the orange one on one side and the blue one on the opposite side of the wall in the exact same spot.

Maybe something with Symmetra’s teleporter code could be used to make this work? That might cause too many bugs but I feel it’s worth testing.

As for this:

I wonder if one of the early concept image heroes could work with this? There’s a particular design on the bottom right of the early concept art of all the heroes standing together(The one with ‘red numbani reinhardt’) that I’ve always been madly in love with and I really hope he becomes a hero one day! Maybe a bomblet gun could work on him, with some sort of ‘hover’ ability?

God I wish I could be on your playtesting team.

Out of curiousity, why not revert the projectile size nerf? It was never an issue before he got his two mines, and seemed kind of out of the blue when it went live.