Geoff appreciation thread

Even though the post is nice… I would like to read more post replies from Overwatch employees. Don’t just reply when there is an appreciation post or something similar.

Interact more with the community, have fun with them, blend with us.

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Hate to be the bearer of bad news but they don’t appear to be active on the forum anymore, haven’t been for a long time. Last signed on Apr 24, '19, according to the statistic for ‘seen’.

Understandable though, given the somewhat questionable and slow balancing we’ve had along with the apparent realistic success rate of the hero reworks seeming to be on the low side. I can only count one hero rework which appeared to be an actual success, not simply because it was branded as ‘fine’ and then effectively abandoned… that successful one I can only think of is Torbjorn.

They only reply to stuff that praises them or echos something they already want to say.


I wouldnt mind for example to see a reply from Blizzard employee to all these “nerf Mei” posts… a troll reply :smiley: just to troll us and have fun with us! It will make me smile and think that behind all these blizzard posts is not a automatic answer but a person. If they dont blend with us, they will never understand what the community really wants.

Sometimes first iteration of anything can be a hit or miss for any type of game, yet it can always be improved

Overwatch is still one of the best & fav games to this date for me
<3 Brigitte, and many of the other Heroes he has designed

guess this will have to remain a 1 sided relationship then

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shhhhhh Torbjorn!! go back to sleep