Genji's GM pick rate is higher than Brigitte

Don’t call me salty silver genji to dear god

Genji passed Reinhardt as well.


The weeb is picked more often than 1600 points of mobile barrier with less than half of his competition.


I mean Symmetra, Sombra, and Bastion (On PC) were all nerfed within the week of being buffed

And Sombra didn’t even break the 50% winrate mark before her nerf


Are they saying his pickrate is caused by him being popular?

or are they saying his pickrate is caused just by him being popular?

Big difference. I agree with the first, but not 2nd. But I don’t think you noticed this difference and just assumed it’s all the same?

i think power needs to be shifted away from his blade anyway. his ult charge needs a nerf but i don’t think blade can be as good as it is anyway. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they’re actually planning on nerfing Ana and hoping to make blade and genji worse that way. which honestly might make sense since Nano might be the best ult in the game on ladder, and being able to blade effectively without it seems like a rare skill.

who knows though, maybe the reason they’re not doing that is they’re hoping echo’s ult is proven to be his counter or something.

OWL OWL OWL and more OWL. Their top priority is OWL.

Specifically making OWL the most appealing to watch. And they think flashy DPS highlights help with viewership.

Look at how much the casters peed their pants whenever Genji made kills in that recent tournament they had.

They care about OWL and balancing around OWL.

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Knowing blizzard they dont like backtracking on changes they just made and admit it was a mistake. They rather build upon their mistake as if it was only the first step to get where they wanted to be.
Considering this i could see them pull a Hanzo on him and remove the capability for dragonblade to receive any dmg boost.

I don’t know. I don’t think they can pull the same “it was an unintentional effect” thing they said last time which they did with Hanzo if I remember correctly.

I’d like to see the damage resistance go.

Wait. Genji’s pickrate is higher than Brig?

Nerf Brig. I think her flail hasn’t seen a nerf yet. Let’s nerf it to be 50% slower, do 50% less damage, and add an effect to anyone it hits. “Damage adjustment: Makes any enemy hit with flail mad and increases damage by 25% with each successive hit.”

Also, now that you mention it. Genji needs a buff. Buff Genji’s double jump to make mini-explosions in its wake that apply a fire effect to anyone within 200 yards of him.

Only a shimada can control the dragons, so nobody else can increase their power. :thinking:

lol NOW they make lore important to gameplay, i have some questions about why sombra’s hack causes Soldier to forget how to sprint while also doesn’t effect his visor at all.


Nah, it was absolutely the second.

It turns off his fitbit, and he thinks, “since I am not getting credited with this, eh, people can wait”


He was underperforming pre-buff and has been for a while. Otherwise he wouldnt have been buffed at all.

hey, genji is popular it’s no surprise it would spike if he did get “good”

Symmetra, bastion, mei, sombra all say hi from the sub 1% pickrate, receiving no attention from devs heap :frowning:


Sym and Bastion are too good at low ranks to get meaningful buffs (to a lesser extent the same can be said about Mei).

Sombra is too good with proper communication to receive buffs.

Genji had this perfect problem of under performing at every skill level so it was easy to buff him.

Bastion has a 0.98% pickrate, symm has a 1.07% and mei has a 0.84% pickrate in bronze.

Sombra has a 0.35% pickrate in GM, the rank with the most communication and skill.

Hm. No.


Except the win rate is insane at the low end and power of those heroes is insane and knowing that if you buff them it would break the lower end of the ladder. This is not in doubt.

Even GM is not a universal rank. There is a massive difference between a 4k game and 4.3 game (honestly it feels like the difference between a low plat game and a high diamond game). The fact that we can see the effect communication has on Sombra’s viability is very easily viable at the very top. That says all that need be said about what would happen if they buffed her.

The only hero of those three in bronze to break 50% winrate is Symm, and that’s true of her at all ranks. Both mei and bastion have sub 50% winrates at those low ranks, as they do across all ranks.

Sombra’s viability is kept low because gms hate her, not because she becomes broken OP if she gets a tad better. Simple as.

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Your thing about 50% is not really fair considering only 3 heroes in Bronze have a 50% win rate so being one of the 3 means something