Genji's GM pick rate is higher than Brigitte

I think this applies to pretty much all of those options and they’ll never buff brig. They don’t buff supports, and they’ll only nerf Genji when they can’t blame his powerlevel on supports or tanks.
They’ll probably nerf Ana’s Nano to see if that’s why Genji’s powerful before they actually nerf a DPS.

Why would they? They’ve done what Genji one-tricks wanted - nerfed Genji counters and buffed Genji. GameBalanced.jpg

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Oh no, a damage dealer with a skill cap has a higher pick rate than HURR DURR ME LEFT CLICK ENEMY

Genji’s mains when buffs were announced : “These buffs won’t change anything, his pick rate will merely budge”

Genji is now sitting on a pick rate of 8,9%.

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His counters keep getting nerfed and are way worse at countering him now.

Hey my friends who care about gm stats can you please start talking about reaper?

as it should be . brig has been the meta for 2 years now, genji hasn’t been a meta for 3 years.

genji does not require skill right now

This is such an exaggeration. He still gets countered just the same in my games. I also see streamers getting countered the same also.

He will not be nerfed. This is Blizz. Genji is XOXOXO for them.

Genji has officially hit over 10% pickrate in both GM and diamond.

Surpassing Ana’s pickrate and only continues to climb.


What’s that? Someone complaining about Genji meta?
Do you honestly want to go back to Doomfist Reaper?
It doesn’t matter what state this game is in, people will always find something to whine about.

At least Reaper have a lot of counter and don’t one shot you and isn’t that nimble since his skills are slow…

while Genji… well doesn’t have counters anymore.

Genji’s pick- and winrate out of 17 playable DPS heroes is straight up insane.


Blizzard is many things, and slow to nerf favourites is one of them, but… make no mistake, they do eventually get around to it, and the longer they are OP, the more… brutal the fix is.

And that worries me, and it should but seemingly doesn’t worry the Genji mains.

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yeah so are we gonna see some genji nerfs?
just like brig? cause she got nerfed because she did beter then other support. genji does better then other dps now sop where is his nerf?

Blizzard can, and does take their sweet time sometimes. I EXPECT the nerf will happen post this set of OWL.

omg lol yes, genji tracer, mccree, and doomfist are like the favo of blizzard.

well i hope so, cauase it takes to long now.

You have a surprising amount of faith in the balancing team to continue to be predictably bad. This could just throw a curveball by just shrugging their shoulders and saying, “Well this is how it is now, get over it”, and leave Genji in his current state until OW2 hits.