Genji's dash bug

Genji’s dash has been bugged on PTR for a whole month, me and a bunch of other people posted about it in the PTR BUG REPORT category and it was pushed to live anyways. It makes several of his combos completely useless and on top of that makes me nauseous. Please fix this.

as you can see on the video it happens at the end of his dash


I was playing a game after the patch came out and I got a kill near the ledge, ghost dash out, but the new dash is broken so I just fell of the map. This goes to show that Blizzard cares more about putting in a character that doesn’t fit in the game at all rather than fixing the heroes since launch.

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I made a thread 2 days ahead of this update because it hasn’t been addressed on PTR, not even acknowledged, I knew that much like the rubberbanding issue this was likely to make it to live, Genji is now again frustrating to play and this would last for at least a week Genji dash camera issue (1.47)

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Same here, made 2 threads about it, 1 the day it came out and one some day before ptr went live and im honestly kinda sad