Genji still destroying supports at will

What goes thunk, small pause, thunk and you are dead with barely a chance to register it and with minimal aim required for much of the damage? Yes, genji arriving at and destroying a support. He often arrives silently from a wall-climb or above and you have no time to react.

The nerf made no difference to this for supports. They die in exactly the same amount of time against him. I’m sure overall it might have changed him, but not against supports where is he most problematic.

I guess this could go in the support problem bucket rather than be described as a genji problem. Fix the issue of support lack of survivability and genji becomes less of a guaranteed kill against them every time he dives.


It’s just all dps in general, people only complain when they have to walk up to your face to deal damage.


They could just give Genji the hanzo treatment, as in not letting him be damage boosted or nanoed during ultimate. That would probably fix everything, you could even revert the nerf


As a support main it genuinely baffels me how much crying about genji happens on these forums even after the nerf. Most supports have something they can do about genji and the ones that can’t have being weak to dive baked in as a weakness. My best tip of you’re struggling with genji is to get good at lucio and stay near a wall. Save your boop for when genji dives you, use the predictable trajectory of the boop to hit a couple of headshots and the genji has to leave.


I told you guys. They could gut Genji, but if he’s still semi-playable, people will complain about him. Its better to just ignore Genji complaints and give him buffs and nerfs that he needs.


It is that mobility heroes have the ability to bypass cover easier.

Have you considered that maybe they didn’t nerf him enough?

A hero which is too strong in some ranks, and nerfed, and is STILL too strong in some ranks, may mean more nerfs are on the way.

Or after the first Brig nerf, should we have left her in an OP state, because she was nerfed, and people still complaining about her?


OP: I’ve seen you complain about one-shotting heroes, Junkrat, Mei, Pharah, and now Genji. Who do you actually think is fair?

Edit: Oh, and Sigma and Moira apparently.


Just pick a support that can battle him im sick of supports crying all the time.


What kills faster? A bullet to the head from across the map, or a noisy ninja climbing 3 walls I’d understand if it was sombra being talked about because she can go to hxll, but genji? Sure why not idc I play tank anyways.


It is the bypassing of cover, and front lines. As a support you can’t STOP him jumping you. You may be able to win the fight, but you can’t stop the fight.

With positioning, you can stop the attacks from other heroes to a much higher degree.

Anyway, he is a low rank problem, BUT Blizzard because of their new financial model needs to solve low rank problems, so expect him to get either more direct, or indirect nerfs.


I dont understand people saying genji requires minimal aim. You have to track people moving around really fast


This will confirm my thoughts, do you think genji is more of problem than sombra was. If so than how do we feel about sojourn?

Yes. We’ve been down this road before with McCree’s flashbang. They removed it, gave him a grenade, and he’s still being complained about. I feel like we’re at the point where we can stop being coy about this.

People are complaining about the effectiveness of heroes. Genji is good at his job, and that’s the problem. Even OP says “Genji is good at killing supports. This shouldn’t be”. I genuinely believe Genji complaints will only stop when he’s bad at his job.

Couple that with a few things we know of the overwatch community:

People seem averse to the idea of things being annoying, but needed for the game to work well. People hated tanks and shields, so they removed a tank and therefore a shield from the game, and what complaints do you get now? “I’m dying too fast! Hitscan hero too strong!” ect. So what do you do? Well, people genuinely advocate nerfing heroes like Widow and Sojourn so that they can’t adequately do what they were made to do.

“Change Widow into a 2 shot hero” for example is something that people unironically ask for. Do I need to explain to you why this is a bad idea or why this reflects poorly for the community?

I can’t speak for Brig, because I don’t play her, but the answer very well could be “maybe”. There’s people who believe Brig doesn’t have a space here, and the same people that said she was OP were expert brig players! It would be like be being an expert painter and telling people “painting is too easy! Everyone can do it!”.

There’s a good reason why I don’t value feedback from the Overwatch community. People seem to put their feelings over what’s good for the game. Just judge feedback from this forum; do you really believe people are complaining about Genji in good faith?


Nope, Sombra was a bigger problem, AND I am a Sombra player. The problem is “people don’t want to queue for low ranked play”, Sombra was more frustrating for them, but Genji is player much much more.

I think the issue is related. You should not have a hero who’s job it is, to be a counter for a role.

Because say “Sombra and Genji are meta”, why queue for support? You won’t have any fun.

And so people didn’t.


Idk what this is but I got what I needed, thank you for your time.

Genji is Played more. (sorry)

I think the issue is around frustration about playing against the heroes, and the ability to retain players. Sombra was a more frustrating hero, but less of a direct problem. If she was played as much as Genji, she would have been a bigger problem than Genji is.

I’m taking it directly as a “from Blizzards point of view, where they need new support players to join and play” point of view.

If they can’t do that because low ranked play is too much of a flanker fest, then they have a problem which they will be forced to fix.

Note I am not talking about Balance, but it as a “problem which Blizzard will be forced to solve”.

Mei was a problem for Tanks in OW1, they “solved it” by making her unbalanced on the weaker side.

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Ah okay this makes much more sense now, so would I be wrong to say that you would like genji nerfed more so because he’s a common pick rather than him being very good? (He’s good but he ain’t no sojourn).

This is where you guys go wrong. Counters like this are unavoidable. You can’t make Genji not a counter to a role without remaking Genji, remaking each and every support in the game, or some combination of both. And even then, there will be some character that counters supports in the game.

Somehow, you guys have become convinced that you can just not have counters in a game like this. This is untrue, and we can test it. Design 5 characters, literally just type out how they work, and I’ll tell you who counters who and why.

This is due to every character being unique; you can’t even get away from this in Call of Duty because some guns counters others. A sniper will always counter a shotgun just due to effective ranges for example.

And that goes back to what i was saying. This community is, well, horrible. The mentality is just wrong. People don’t know what to ask for, so they default to “This tank is tanking my damage and that shouldn’t be! Make them not able to tank damage!” or other crazy stuff like this.

And that’s not even starting the discussion of peeling!

Here’s a question: who’s supposed to peel for supports. If you said “Tanks”, you’re wrong, but not alone. How is the tank in the front line supposed to peel for supports in the back line!?

Soldier 76 can turn his head to blast a Genji in the backline. He can literally stand there and shoot genji, but people expect the TANK to leave THE FRONT LINE and go to THE BACK LINE to stop Genji. That’s a problem.

Your issue isn’t Genji or supports or counters. Its the community’s expectations as a whole.

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This is roughly what I think they will have to do, or find a way to shift his “highly picked area” out of where the new players will enter.

Yes, and ultimately, they will do this, OR nerf him down enough that he won’t be a problem.

Because they can and will not cause him to be a reason they can’t get and keep new players.

It isn’t an issue here. Low ranked play doesn’t peel. So it doesn’t matter.

You need a way to get and keep new support players. Having Genji in almost every game is counter to that, so they will have to fix that.

Note: I am STILL not talking about balancing him to be “fair or good” in high ranked play. I am talking about a problem which Blizzard can’t ignore. There are VERY few solutions for it, and I expect none of them you will like.

Blizzard has ALREADY stated they are sensitive to how queue times are starting to shake out.

This is because if they can’t keep new support players, they won’t be able to get and keep new DPS and Tank players, because queue times.

So they will solve it, the question is how.


Mercy is almost impossible to kill now as Genji. Mercy’s superjump height is ridiculous. The sustain on Mercy’s pocket too. You need a Winston to dive with.