Genji, Sombra, Lucio, Bri, inconsistency

So remove what she was built mainly to counter but keep the way she makes tanks life hell?

  1. Genji deflect doesn’t work against charging rien so no shield bash cant be deflect.

2.Lucio songs are digital and skates are technology too. Brig inspires people by bashing people similar to a inspiring speech.

Consistent enough?
Don’t start making profit for dps by drawing hate for her tank countering ability. You haven’t even mentioned anything about tanks.

I wouldn’t argue this, as Sombra can hack Soldier from Sprinting, which makes no sense.
The real reason is that the two passives function differently; aura is tied to Lucio’s ability, while all self heal passives (and Sombra’s wallhacks) are not tied to their abilities / button presses, and therefore cannot be hacked.

Oh believe me, i will mention the tanks soon.

Yes, Winston is meta but, I stand by Winston’s bubble shield should have atleast 800.

“This will protect us.”

–>Gets destroyed in less than 2 seconds. 11 second cooldown.

–>Orisa’s shield has 900 hp with 8 second cooldown


I’m still pissed why mcree cant roll or hog cant hook too. The game has to be a game its funny to notice these things but just feels overdramatic to point these things out just to get a buff for your favourite hero.

Yes please

20 characters

You forgot the main thing doomfist can equalize rien charge but cant punch bastion

The main consistency I see here is that 1) Orisa is designed to be an anchor, shield tank, where Winston isn’t, and 2) Winston’s bubble hitbox is much larger than Orisa’s shield, and therefore gets destroyed A LOT faster when it absorbs all the projectiles. Same reason why people find it easy to break Reinhardt’s 2000 HP shield but complain about Brigitte’s 600 HP shield.

And Doomfist should. The more counters to that pirate ship on junkertown the better.

That is how you balance a game though…

You can’t have nearly 30 characters with completely different kits and expect to treat them all the same way. That is why Lucio/Mei feels so punished when they try to ult vs other heroes because they made the Ult patch work the same across the board (and their ults have a significantly longer windup vs the other heroes).

When Sombra hacked Lucio/Pharah, normally it was meaningless.

  • Pharah can stay airborne and her LMB is the strongest dps part of her kit anyway so what did you accomplish? Stop her from boosting up and using her suicidal ult. Her flying around still makes her a difficult target especially for Sombra whose weapon isn’t the best at dealing with her.
  • Lucio was just as bad for the same reason. As someone that plays Lucio regularly, I never even cared. Darn - stuck on my speed song! Better bounce and out shoot her! Darn - stuck on my heal song, now I’m slow - better bounce and out heal her! As Lucio, you have the power to completely disengage from the battle by bouncing off walls back to your team. It feels bad for Lucio because Mercy/Ana/Moira can heal on LMB. Zen can’t change targets if he already put his orb on someone else (same way you wouldn’t undo Soldier’s heal if he dropped it already) and Brigitte can still heal with melee but she loses all the abilities that help her stay alive in melee range… (no shield or bash? Just shoot her…). Unless they were going to do something weird like Lucio only heals teammates/himself then there was no other way. I think because Wall riding alone is such a great sustain tool + Self native heal/speed boost are also such great sustain tools; Blizzard knew that taking away only one of those traits would still make Lucio way too good when hacked.

Sombra didn’t stand much of a chance against either. The change was put in so that Sombra can set enemies up for a kill. She only has her bad gun to dps with, her greatest tool is forcing you to use your bad gun and out shoot her. If you are a Rein and only have a hammer then I’m sorry. If you are Lucio with your 4 projectile shots then good luck! Genji? Hang in there. Mccree - you got this!

In fact, you should be asking for more inconsistent changes. I want to have a reason to Ana boost healers like Mercy and Lucio! Make her ult give heroes a lower cooldown, change the numbers from hero to hero so it doesn’t become OP for any one hero; allow Lucio to amp it up more! At the moment, you just use it with a dps you know can do consistent damage or a Reinhardt swinging his hammer. More than hack, that is a skill that doesn’t affect every character the same way and it feels weak because of it.

Lucio cant heal/speed WHEN HACKED.

No wallride, fine. That’s like Pharah’s jetpack, Lucios song turns off COMPLETELY. Its a passive, Zen keeps his shield when hacked but Lucio’s song doesnt lock anymore?


Brigittes healing stems from her hammer, which is her basic attack.
Moira’s passive stems from her basic attack.

Sombra can hack abilities, not aspects of basic attack.

Lucio song stops playing, because it is an ability independent of his basic attack. If his basic attack gave healing, then it would not be hackable.
Pharah jetpack hacked because it is an ability, and does not interfere with her basic attack.


Brigitte’s stun works like Doomfists; Melee stuns go through deflect

Brigitte’s heal is activated on damage, not a button press; thus you can’t turn it off. Lucio’s healing is tied to Cross Fade, it is NOT a passive ability, so when hacked it disables the ability and thus Lucio’s aura

I wish someone would explain to me how to properly deflect a McCree flashbang. I’ve gone up to him on purpose to bait his flash and pressed E before he threw it and I still get flashed and usually die.

1 is because Genji has never been able to block any form of charge attack and 2 is because they thought making hack stronger was a great idea so they made it hack some passives and it became super inconsistent.

Sombra’s hacks can only hack “Passive-Passive”

Technically Lucio’s Crossfade is an ability.

Brig’s shield bash is not the only ability that can’t be deflected. Reinhardt’s Charge and beam weapons can also not be deflected.

Lucio’s Song is a lingering effect of an ability. Good compares would be Zen’s orb when they are already thrown out and Hanzo’s sonic arrow already put in. Both of these will not vanish when hacked but Lucio’s song does, because the developers say so.

The whole “passive that needs a button press” already is a bad description for hack.

Overall Hack, Deflect and Defense Matrix are abilities which have special interactions with the cast which you have to learn.

delfect blocks melee attacks not stuns like Doomfist/brigette. so her basic flail attack it blocks not the shield stun. so it’s working as intended.
don’t hide a nerf post as another post.

lucio auras are an ability not necessarily passive since they can be swapped.

mercy can still auto heal and moria can still heal via damage during a hack last time i checked so the hack appears to work too

That’s what I said. I think that Blizzard was trying to make hard to kill heroes easier for Sombra. Lucio with wall ride doesn’t have to fear Sombra and Lucio with heal/speed song can defend themselves easily against her. I know I wouldn’t care to be hacked either way if I lost only one of those options which is why I think Blizzard decided to take them both away.

Zen and Mercy’s passive heal begins after not taking damage for a while but Lucio’s persists despite it which is why a bouncing Lucio on heal song is so hard to kill (especially if you are Sombra)

It isn’t about consistency, it is about Balance. He is my favorite hero so I want him to be strong but I know before this patch I didn’t care about getting hacked! “Hold my ult a little longer? Okay sure - EMP is a better counter but whatever!”

Orisa’s is sorta designed to be this heavy shield tank while Winston is a dive tank, and probably the most unbalanced tank at the moment at that due to him and a couple other heroes running dive meta for far too long. And I still don’t get this “Winston barrier dies in 2 seconds” yet people complain about Brigitte’s barrier which has the same HP but somehow doesn’t die in 2 seconds, mainly because the OW community can’t suck it up and shoot the barrier.

Winston’s bubble used to be 1000 when you could have multiple heros that were the same. They changed it because of then and never reverted it.