Genji, Sombra, Lucio, Bri, inconsistency

  1. If Genji can deflect Rein’s HUGE hammer and McCree’s Flashbag and Pharah’s Rockets, I think Genji should be able to deflect Bri’s shield Bash.

  2. Sombra - So Lucio can’t heal when hacked… But Bri can? Either have it take away Bri’s healing melee passive when hacked or atleast dont hack away Lucio’s passive (without emp).

I just want consistency, man.


You are so right. Dont take abilities away from some characters in specific situations if you aren’t gonna take those same type of abilities away from all other characters in the same scenario. It’s just inconsistent and wrong

why dont we just remove brigitte and make the game fun again ?


The lack of consistencies in this game can be pretty frustrating. Like Earthshatter…I love when a light post blocks my entire Earthshatter. Fun times.


Shield Bash is a stun melee stuns go through deflect, as seen with Rocket Punch.


Due to server tick rates and its hitbox, it seems to buggy, similar to D’va ult. Its the “you get everyone or no one”.

Thats a disguised nerf brigitte post, if it wasn’t, you would ask to stop genji from bwimg able to deflect rein and from hack to not affect the active song instad of nerfing brigitte.


Genji can’t deflect RP or Charge. Bash is basically a hybrid of the two.

Reaper can also self-heal when shooting despite being hacked as can Moira. This is because those passives behave differently to the ones Sombra can hack. I’d argue that Lucio’s inability to heal is actually the inconsistent interaction. But it can also be said that it is consistent.

Sombra can hack button press passives (like in Double Jump you’d have to press twice to jump, wallride means you hold jump as you wallride, etc), but cannot hack passive-passives (like Sombra’s wallhacks, Moira’s weapon self heal, Reaper’s weapon self heal, and Brigitte’s weapon heal) because those are not button press based passives, but truly a passive ability that just happens.


If Boop can knock back enemies, it should also be able to deflect projectiles coming at him.

I want to deflect Roadhog’s hook back at him and have Lucio say “Sorry. Had to give you the hook.”


Ive been saying this for months. He should be able to boop Pharah’s ult back at her, or a helix back at 76. Like Genji’s deflect, so you have to aim it.

  1. Brig’s shield bash is melee with CC
    Genji can protect him self from damage, not CC
  2. Brig’s heal is a passive that trigger when she attack someone, she can still use basic attack when hacked so her passive can still trigger
    Lucio’s heal is not a passive, its attached to his Crossfade that he use to change songs, thus lose his ability to heal when hacked
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Everything behaves consistently.

Genji can deflect all melees for some reason, including Reinhardt’s hammer. He can deflect rockets and flashbang because they are projectiles. He can’t deflect Hammer Down, he can’t deflect a Rocket Punch or Seismic Slam, so he can’t deflect Brigitte’s non-projectile and non-melee ability.

And Lucio’s passive is linked to his active ability, so it’s not a true passive passive ability. It is a button press passive ability, something Sombra consistently hacks. You might as well complain that Moira can self heal, Reaper can self heal, Sombra keeps her wall hacks…

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Thank you for being logical, people don’t fully think about passives and stuff and just group them in together when some are completely different from each other. I like your explanations for each part of the post and told them why each thing works the same way it does.

Wish more people would be this thoughtful in thinking before posting.


Shield bash is a dash/charge attack. Genjis deflect does not block those. It does not block Reinhardt’s pin, nor Doomfist’s rocket punch. It does not cause Tracer/Winston/McCree/Widowmaker to bounce off Genji.

Sombra’s hack stops passives that require a button press. Lucio’s Auras are tied to a button press. Brigitte’s passive activates upon an entI rely separate condition, requiring no button press of its own to activate. Hack stops her Whipshot, which prevents her from proccing the passive with that, hack does not stop basic attacks though and so since Inspire requires no button of its own, it can still activate on that. Similarly, Reaper can still leech, and I believe Sombra still gets wall hack vision on people while she is hacked, Junkrat will stop still drop bombs upon death while hacked, etc.

The only inconsistency imo is how Zen and Lucio differ when hacked. Zenyatta’s orbs do not come back when hacked, he simply can’t move them. Lucio’s aura shuts off while hacked even while already active. Either Zen’s orbs should come back, or Lucio should be stuck on his current song unable to change.


“Its not a true passive.”

What? So if Sombras hacks , not even from an EMP just normally hacks him, it turns off completely, not locks but COMPLETELY gone. Its inconsistent, dude.

Those are different though. Rein’s hammer is a pure melee attack. Flashbang and Pharah rockets can only be deflected if the projectile itself hits you and not the AoE. Shield Bash doesn’t have any projectile so it goes through (comparable to DF’s Rocket Punch0.

This is something I can get behind though. I know Sombra doesn’t need nerfs but hacking Lucio’s song and not Brig’s healing is pretty dumb.

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How is that Brigitte’s fault exactly?
It’s a Lucio-Sombra problem, not a Brigitte-Sombra problem.

Sombra hacks every passive that requires you to press a button, like Pharah’s Hover, Genji’s double jump and Mercy’s Guardian Angel. I think Lùcio’s heals (and speed) counts because you actually have to press the Crossfade button in order to get the effect you want. Brigitte’s and Reaper’s passives don’t involve buttons in any way, so Sombra can’t hack them.

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But it used to have it lock so you couldn’t switch. Now it turns it completely off. That’s just silly to me.

Yes, this was changed when she was able to hack passives. It might have been changed after, but I’m unsure.
Because his aura requires an external ability, it gets disabled. Meanwhile, Moira, Mercy, Reaper, Brigitte, Sombra, etc. do not rely on button presses or other abilities to trigger their passive and are therefore not hacked.

EDIT: Yup, I was right, it was changed when Sombra was given the ability to hack button-press passives:

[ALL] Overwatch Patch Notes – February 27, 2018: