Genji needs his reset


So the answer to that would be, “Don’t use your dash to get into position if you think you’re going to need it to chase.” Therefore, “Use your abilities wisely in conjunction with your ultimate. Like every single other DPS ultimate.”

Should Pharah get a free Concussive Blast reset when she ults? That’s a much riskier ultimate attached to a worse hero that does objectively less than Dragonblade on average. I’m sure if Pharah had two blasts to use that sandwiched her ultimate, Pharah players would argue that “she needs it to get in, then get out.” And I’d say they have a better argument, considering Pharah is completely stationary while using her horrible ultimate, I mean, why isn’t she allowed to use an ability to get into position, use her ult, and then be able to use that same ability to get to safety?

Probably because it’d be too good, but for Genji it’s right at home.

No, Bastion gets locked into an animation – they literally can’t even move. Genji, meanwhile, can move around and even double jump while casting his ult. Bastion is actually vulnerable, but Genji is not. Even without using his free dash, Genji has so much freedom in mobility to approach enemies how he wants; he can climb up from behind them, or wait behind enemy lines, or even just stick behind his allies before dashing in. Dragonblade does not realistically leave Genji “vulnerable,” certainly not as vulnerable as the value it regularly reaps should have him.

So he needs training wheels? Because people are bad at using him? I don’t think that’s how this game should be balanced, at least, not to this level. I understand Genji being a hard hero to use and his ultimate isn’t exactly press Q to win, but it’s objectively one of the best ultimates around and a lot of that does have to do with being able to freely set up his positions.

If Genji wants to be as powerful as he always is because “he takes skill to use,” then money needs to put where that mouth is. Make Genji a hard to use hero; don’t give him freebies.

This is false, we’ve seen Nanoblade get used anytime both Genji and Ana are acceptable choices, long before Brigitte was even in the game.


so as long as we have a zen its fine?

Not sure that’s how to balance


and it would mean
dont use your ult
if you do you will either be cced to death
or be unable to reach anyone
renji’s ult is harder then any other dps ult

doesnt need it, because she cant use it while she’s locked in her animation
you have 36 minutes on genji
so you’ll excuse me if i take your rant with some salt


but bastion has 300hp with some armor into it
bastion actually has ironclad
bastion actually doesnt need to be in your face
he’s loked into an animation and it stops him from deflecing or dashing and thus is an easy kill when doing so

he doesnt need training wheels he needs a core function to work
you know who has baby wheels? :slight_smile: bastion with ironclad activating while transforming

he is
you dont play him to know that you’re just salty because you cant manage to outplay him with ana because he’s a flanker and has advantge over you

and they are more then anyone else because brigitte an rein are meta

also works with
symmetra (kind hard thou)
another genji


Im totally down with nerfing all support healing by a flat 30% if it means incredibly easy to land super high damage abilities and ults like dragon blade, McRightClick, storm arrow, etc get brought down too.

The powercreep has made this game far less about actual strategy and fps skills and more about being able to abuse stupid mechanics more than the other guys.

I cant count the times where my team has killed 3 of the enemies with good positioning and smart use of abilities only to lose the push any way because ana and genji pressed Q at the same time.

The reason goats comp was so good is because it could consistently survive against all this constant dps crap and the reason noone enjoys playing supports and tanks is because its like choosing to play the punching bag or the boxer.


you trolling us genji main?


I personally believe that yes Genji needs his reset … however, I believe no hero should have a reset on a mobile ability upon ultimate activation…

But that is just me.


So you’re telling me without the dash reset, Genji’s ultimate is just useless? The cleave, the pierce, the 120 damage, the ability to stack support abilities to greater enhance it – none of that matters, the secret sauce is Genji’s free dash reset? I just find that hard to believe, I don’t think people, especially pros, would drop Genji if this was taken away. Especially when you consider, you know, all the contexts where Genji doesn’t take advantage of the free reset, and yet still manages to get a lot done. Because, after all, the ultimate itself isn’t that nasty to deal with, but the freebie he gets let’s him set up for so much really easily.

But if you gave Pharahs this freebie, and then tried to take it away, they’d say the same thing. “Pharah NEEDS that freebie.” The point is, of course people are going to fight for their freebies and claim they’re necessary, they’ve never had to go without it. Genji, for no real reason other than he’s “difficult to use,” gets a free reset on one of the best standard abilities in the game, just so his ultimate is even easier to setup. I think that’s a little unfair, especially when it’s clear that Genji isn’t so hard to use the only the elite can use him, especially when it’s clear that Genji will always be a strong and desired hero without even considering his ultimate.

It doesn’t take any amount of time playing a hero to understand where imbalances are. I don’t play Genji because I can’t think with him, he’s not my dude. Doesn’t mean I don’t play the game with him involved in it, and that my input means nothing. The fact that you have to resort to finding my playtime on a hero to make a point is telling, though.

So you agree that Genji just gets a really good ultimate because… it’s Genji? “Genji gets overpowered things?” That’s the only context I’m reading from this.

And this is why we see Bastion all over the meta for years?

Except we don’t? You’re missing my point by a longshot. The point is that Bastion is a worse hero than Genji, Configuation: Tank is a worse ultimate than Dragonblade, and yet people still make the argument that Genji needs that freebie dash reset. Clearly there are worse heroes with worse ultimates, so my argument – very broadly – would be that either Bastion should get something for free the same way Genji does, or Genji is brought in line with every other DPS hero and does not get their best ability reset for free because they pressed Q.

Considering how awful that ultimate is, I consider Ironclad less like training wheels and more like a fundamental element of what makes the ultimate worthwhile at all. Take away Ironclad from Bastion and they’ll have realistically nothing, take away Genji’s free dash and you still have a cleaving, piercing, 120 melee attack on a speed boosted hero capable of double jumping, wall climbing, deflecting, and dashing. I mean, hell, read that and you barely notice Genji has something missing.

Genji doesn’t need that free dash reset, bad Genjis do.

You are assuming a lot from me, personally, which is creepy. I’d complain about Genji’s free dash reset regardless of what hero I play. Again, it’s sort of telling what this means to you, the fact that you have to jump to my playtime on heroes to figure out what my “real” intentions are, and then assume I must just be salty. I’m speaking to you as one reasonable player to another; can I please be respected the same way I’m respecting you? Thanks, Djawida.

Aaaaaand again, we see Nanoblade all the time with or without Brig or Rein in the meta. It’s an extremely solid combo that works really well because it means Genji is killing a lot faster for a lot longer, maximizing aspects of both ultimates. It’s not necessarily too powerful, but it’s something to consider since Dragonblade is, by itself, already really good.


I have nothing against your main, but what does Brigitte and Reinhardt has anything to do with this? Would you be kind and explain please.


Oh man I love using Shadow Step resets to secure kills after ulting in the middle of an enemy team


watch streams
whenever a genji ults without using his first dash UNLESS the enemy is very bad they will not get a single kill

activation time
everyone looks at you
and they kill you
or just use the tons of mobility to get out
moira would be hard counter to him when he already has huge outplay potential to him just like every other hero

context has no meaning
she doesnt need it
genji doeos
and thus your argument drops into pieces

and you’re wrong

i instantly knew that you were a support main
and guess what?
i flex tanks and healers
not genji
but i knew that you were just a slaty i hate dying but i dont want to learn the game

because every dps do
but genji is meta
every ult is good
context matters

you should read this like “oh i just said something that has no meaning whatsoever”

bastion is a hero that requires all the team to play around him
that’s why he should never be meta
it would mean that the game is the most state unbalanced it is… oh wait it is

let’s use your own logic
205 burst damage with range and aoe
while having a passive that makes you hard to kill
he doesnt need baby wheels remove the passive
like i said

he cant do all at the same time
and thus is bateable
and counterable
and he need to use all with great thinking and positioning to do so

well i need to check your stats
if you’re a bronze zenyatta main well lel
if you’re a plat main healer main well lel
if you’re a top500 genji main i’d be worried
i’m just looking to find out if you’re biased or not
m not creeping into your personal data nor hacking you

oh sorry i should prolly have kept my serious tone, i kinda cringe easily because of this community’s general cringy tone

i’ll ramp this up without being toxic:

you compared the reset to a pharah blast reset, and then saw the 36 min you had on genji, and from that point i had little interest in this discussion, as it is for me unfruitful, because you’re using ideas you got from other players, not high end spectrum players, not your own practice.
did you know that you gotta aim your dash so that you can stay in the right poisition to land a another swing and dash to your next target while avoiding damage and cc? when you do so you have so much thinking and planning to do, i think it’s harder to do that then play ana and zenyatta into a genji/tracer comp (like i say i play all heros mostly tanks and healers) and fact is that high end players say the same, and most non entitled nor salty players i meet ingame tend to think the same
that’s why i assume you’re biased and salty, just like people are assumed to be biased and salty genji mains when complaining about brigitte, which is wrong and am sorry i did so

shadow step? after ulting? pretty sure you dont want to be doing that after ulting, nor using shadow step at all
but i think it could be cool having wraightform’s cooldown decreased when securing kills


worry no more ma boi owl 2 is coming and blizzard won’t allow their game to die (on the esport scene)


Wraith Form’s cd reduction would not only be cool, it would make him at least comparable to Genji, in terms of strength. If only it could do, like, 50 dmg to nearby enemies…


Wouldn’t Nano-Blade be even stronger if they weren’t Meta? Like Brigitte was strong against high Mobility, wasn’t she even stronger against Low Mobility?
Fact is : Nano-Blade is completely busted and needs tuning down.


Higher ranks doesn’t always mean higher skills


that’s because healers in OW are actually not as fun as in other games but they are needed for a match to result into a win

are we using skill difference as an argument now? If Zen can take care solo of a nanoblade than it’s just more skilled than that ulting genji


Wow. This post managed to convince me that we need to nerf it now lmao


Yes, it’s called counterpicking


I mean, with that logic, isn’t everyone an easy kill for Widowmaker if they can’t use their defensive? But that’s not how it works in practice because people are not robots.


said captain brig is fine 8 nerfs ago


Wow someone hasn’t grown up at all.

Do you see the state of the game? Do you think this ptr is helping the game at all?


i dont see where growing up has any impact here?