Genji is now unplayable (And how to fix it)

Maybe. I land headshots pretty consistently with her, but I think that comes from being an ex-hanzo one trick. Suzu got nerfed and I don’t get why, it wasn’t anything special with the immunity time. I get the feeling an ulting Genji or Sojourn did not like that they got double tapped while suzu activated.

Meh, cosmetic nerf. Not like it’ll effect the role much. Can’t have supports becoming suedo DPS while simultaneously being suedo offtanks with the amount of sustain, regen, and damage mitigation.
Blizz has no idea how to make support rewarding or even shine for that matter.
But, I’m getting offtopic from talking about genji.
The state of genji has little to do with the state supports are in.
Which is because of how bad support is. Not how good/bad other roles are at killing support.

It’s a catch 22, they try to please everyone, but in the end burn most people and only make a few happy.

This Genji nerf is pretty heavy handed, I’ll admit that, but it’s also warranted.

Maybe. I would have been fine with the shortened clip size.
On the other hand it warms my heart reading DPS players crying about something being unplayable.
Especially when I don’t even touch the game since i play a different role.

Genji has literally NEVER been unplayable. I swear his mains are just overly dramatic about any adjustments, even buffs.

Remember his giga buff a couple years back? He was still “weak” and “needs buffs” even after 5 buffs in a single patch.

They always go on about fun being removed, but it seems perfectly fine for them to make the game unfun for everyone else.

Hypocrisy at it’s finest right?


It’s okay, you can sit here waiting with us Symmetra mains for the next 3 years. I love company

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Have you seen the best Genji in the world’s twitter? Even before his nerfs he was posting whine tweets.

Genji mains are absolutely DELUSIONAL, to the point it’s probably best to not even interact with them, because if you argue with them, they’ll DIE on their hill, because they’re that conditioned and convinced they think Genji takes copious amounts of skill.


Well I figure I got about 40 changes into PlanetSide 1, including the exact configuration of all the linkages on the world map, and emails back and forth with their producer. As well as wrote an installer the devs later copied that pulled in 30,000 players when paired with a community marketing campaign.

In TRIBES 1 I wrote a server modification which had 9 classes with various abilities, that had about 40 servers, and 2 years of Tournament play among about 30 teams.

For Overwatch, I “guessed” quite a lot of the major features in the game, as well as the specifics on Hog/Mei balance. Heck, I did a huge post on how they should have an OWL PVP Beta, and 2 weeks later they announced the OWL PVP Beta.

By comparison, OWL Europe league, shut down. OWL China League, shut down. OWL payments to Blizz, shut down. OWL Sponsors, gone. In all likelyhood OWL might stop existing after the Blizzard by out.

Different company, that took their game more serious than Blizzard does.

Congrats, that’s awesome, but once again, you’re not dealing with a company that actually cares about their player base.

OWL does not even play on the same patch as everyone else, and should be removed if they aren’t going to be playing the same as everyone else regardless.

Well overall, I’d say “Follow the money, where is the money at”.

OWL dollars are basically dead and gone.
OWL exclusivity deals with Twitch/YouTube etc. Gone.

The next pile of money? Monetization from Ladder players, and box copy PVE sales.

And the Microsoft Merger? They care more about bulk numbers of players they can get onto their PC Game Pass.

And while Streamers matter, they ultimately care about getting as large a viewership as possible, as well as what cross-promotional deals they can sync up with for ladder players. Their own personal enjoyment is less important than their career financial viability.

All the money and the focus should be shifting towards making the largest amount of ladder players happy.

Which to me, implies that the days of “Only the top 5% of players matter, and everybody else can just deal with it.” are gone.

If anything it’s the opposite almost. Where they 95% is more important than the 5%.

If only they saw it this way. Hopefully Microsoft is able to acquire them, and attempt some sort of change.

I’m just saying all the financial incentives have shifted. To the point that Blizzard would be losing a lot of money if they aren’t focusing on that 95%.

They aren’t though. Maybe slowly changing that way, but it’s still highly evident that the ONLY player bases getting heard, are top500/streamers/pros.

Once again, when you have private discords and reddits that only those people can see, and have input on, it’s very clear they do not give a flying f.

Well, they are seemingly really focused on fixing Queue/Matchamaker/Support issues.

You got both the Executive Producer, Lead Hero Designer, and Lead Systems Designer are all talking about how they plan to buff Supports to make up for the Queue/Matchmaker/Support problems. And notably Alec is saying they plan to buff their mobility. Also during the Alpha, they experimented with lowering move speeds, and that directly benefited Support quite a lot.

Which is good on paper, but with Blizzard’s track record… I’ll believe it when I see it.

Fair enough, but like I said above. Whatever gives the most profit, is probably the direction they want to be heading in.

And Pros/Streamers aren’t going to be pushing much dollars on microtransactions and PVE box copy sales, compared to that 95%.

Which is going to be BP, skins, etc. Even the t500/pros/streamers have all said it’s complete BS, and they’re even being ignored when it comes to that.

Sadly it cascades past that, trickles down to balance, because to push BP orders, any hero that has a mythic skin being the end goal, is going to end up strong or stronger to push people to buy the BP for that skin.

It was pretty clear with Genji before they realized how insane he actually was with damage passive and change to 5v5.

For good players yes he was nuked. This isn’t going to be a graspable concept for people in metal ranks.

It’s less the devs aren’t aware and more they don’t know how to fix nano blade. They’re probably fully aware of what makes him frustrating to play into for average play.

The changes he got weren’t to nerf him and leave him be for awhile. They were what the devs considered fair adjustments to fit within the context of 5v5 since he wasn’t adjusted for the new format. Wether or not these were the right changes for that is debatable.

Everyone is handing Blizz L’s for not adjusting Sojurn sooner but they didn’t nerf Junk. They stated they were already live changes that happened from OW1 to OW2 and they just forgot to add them in the patch.

More like this isn’t relevant at all for the bottom 98% of the playerbase.

Top500, sure. GM, maybe.

Masters and below? Lol no.

They just were not constantly hitting tripleheadshot+melee combos on purpose.

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Let’s look at Bastion for a second (I’m including stupid rework removal stuff because it’s stupid)
1: Increased ult cost by 10%
2: removed headshots
3: increased spread by 50% without bloom
4: nerfed ironclad to 20% from 35% because people whined when nuke wouldn’t oneshot him if he had nano and was transformed.

I 100% consider the next few nerfs because they’re stupid and horrible and shouldn’t exist.
5: removed tankmode in favor of the worse than trash artillery mode. Change for the sake of change isn’t always a good thing. This is an example of when it isn’t a good thing.
6: removal of self-repair just 'cuz or something like that. No real reason was given they just don’t like Bastion or something.
7: nerfed sentry damage by 30% because the 50% from no headshots including bigger spread wasn’t enough of a kick when he was down.
8: nerfed recon ammo/firerate. It does less dps and at ranges where pinpoint does anything his damage is falling off.