Genji is in the perfect spot

I like to flank with hitscan and I like the player with better aim also winning 1v1s, keep Genji as he is currently ty, he can have a stronger ult that hitscan heroes in exchange for a somewhat even 1v1 potential.

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I wish they woulda reverted the deflect buffs instead of alt fire but it’s whatever.

He’s balanced now.

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lol genji mains hoping if they keep saying he is balanced now, he wont get nerfed more, like he deserves.

lol finding anything you can use to bash genji mains. Some people are really just committed to hate

I find them Hoping for blizzard to revert the nerfs and buff him more instead

he doesn’t need more nerfs though.

I also find him to be pretty balamced right now. He has his uses and if far from being useless and just a blade bot only.

while i kinda agree he kinda ok spot right now
he just back like before, depend too much on his team

literally cant do anything with bad team
while on hitscan i atleast can skill stuff even i lost and my team bad

But that’s on hitscan being way better than everyone else in general. Hitscan are just too consistent for the amount of insta kill damage they dish out :joy:

on a team with bad supports you can’t do anything on hitscan either.

not as bad as genji for sure

i can still play soldier / ashe and just do my own thing

kinda agree on mcree though because he slow