Genji is dead now

Many more than one…


How many words can one person speak?

(are there any bastion players now?)


The highest dps picked in the game are hanzo, widow, mcree, doomfist, and did I mention widowmaker?

oh wait, I missed McCree, he is the one DPS above Genji.
(source overbuff, all ranks, comp only)

Yep, looks dead to me. /s

I should check QP.
Oh Wait it is the same

obviously dead. /s

Have you even tried Experimental Mode 1-3-2?

Genji looks good to me. A lot of pressure is off of Genji. He can hunt and target healers more with the other two DPS applying good pressure.

This many:

[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored]

I already told you. BECAUSE HE IS POPULAR. Y[quote=“RobotWizard-116887, post:16, topic:465508”]
right. so popular hero = dead in the game.

right. so popular hero = dead in the game.

Oh wait, that isn’t how it works at all…

Second most popular DPS = is dead now /s


He is playable, but he is super hard to get value. He gets picked because he is fun and popular hero. Mercy players have proved that even tho she was garbage they still played her multiple times. Why is this so hard to understand?


Because the moment someone starts saying the hero is dead, When they are played a lot at all ranks, AND isn’t even the bottom 5 win rates in their role, I have trouble taking them seriously.

Oh yeah, Genji is dead now… poor hero which is outpicking most other heroes in the game /s


i’m not saying he is dead. I’m saying that just cause his pickrate is high doesn’t mean he is good. Mei is SUPER ULTRA BUSTED (not really, but she is not fine) right now and yet her pickrate and winrate are balanced. It’s like you forget that not too long ago Rein was pure trash yet had decent pickrates all over the place.

OP is.

Hell the title of the thread is “Genji is dead now”

I think it deserves some mocking for being completely out of touch in the game.

There has to be a level of goodness to have high pick rates. Many heroes are in a worse state than Genji is.

Lets crowd them out of the game even more…

However, I do think that Moira needs her beam tightened up a little to try to get her pick rate down in the lower ranks (since she is crowding out the other supports) - and her damage raised a little (so she is more useful in higher ranks)

and I think that, because she counters genji a little too much.

Ok so what’s new?

I’m aware of that, but the moment they fix those heroes they’ll all trash on Genji. Bastion, Sombra, Sym and Soldier(until recently)

Solemnly: Genji is dead (checks hero pickrates)


Genji isn’t dead you drama queen. He’s very much viable, not meta, but viable.

If a Widow is going up against a Monkey, Ball, Genji, Lucio, and Tracer I’m sure she’d feel useless too. If a team runs enough counters to something ANY hero will feel that way.
I agree CC creep is a thing and needs to be toned down. But you’re exaggerating. It sounds like you had a couple bad games and came to deposit your salt on the forums.

Genji is in the best spot he’s been. Not broken like in Season 1, but not trash like during the Goats. Just viable.

(I’m not opposed to bug fixes and small buffs tho, emphasis on small)


Yeah, so we have to worry about poor genji sometime… oh wait, never.

You think Blizzard is going to make Sombra viable on the ladder any time soon?

:sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy: :joy: :joy:

One day will come when Genji will trash on Mei and lot of other heroes in the game and i’ll be the one who laughs.

days already come and gone my guy mei was a throw pick until the goats changes.