Genji has been trash for over 2 years

So you want Genji to be a meta pick every 6 months? Grow up.

Things don’t need to be meta, they need to be viable. Genji was viable. He wasn’t bad. You said so yourself.



lmao you change your entire point when proven wrong and tell me to grow up, hilarious.

rather than admit youre wrong and misread you try and pivot to a different point.


and no I don’t care what happens in this game. I really don’t, ive moved on to valorant, and could care less about OW.

I just love pointing out the blatant bias and hypocrisy on these forums.

Genji was ready a viable pick, now he is just pure broken

actually his stats from before are being boosted by his current state, so you aren’t even right here in your “gotcha” moment.

in order for his stats to be average now, with his current near must pick status, they would have to have been bad before.

You’re the one that took my original post where I said Genji was average for the last 2 years and started talking about the meta - a full 4 days later, I might add.

If you don’t even play Overwatch anymore, why are you here - just to troll? That’s kind of sad. Maybe you should go play your CS:GO clone some more - maybe they’ve added another rip-off of de_dust!

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Genji was not below average. Josh Noh actually confirmed that winrate wise he even was above average.


Why do people hate genji and he is too op? Let me tell you

-High Mobility (Hard to hit)
-Small body
-Can deflect
-Can rush every god damn time somoene dies and takes dmg
-Dragonblade charges too fast and if nano its basicly 1 hit kill and easily can get a quintuple. (You can use 2 nanos with genji in less than 1 minute)
-With the buff he kills everything it moves. He now has +30 attack every hit he does. (Basicly shoot and swift strike = kill, now repeat and you get easily 3 kills)
No counters for genji, with moira and brigitte getting nerfed to oblivion there is currently no counters for him, and people are getting crazy because there is always 1 genji in every match.
-Too much dmg.

Yeah he needs a nerf. Do you know why smurfs always use Widow, Genji and McCree? Because they can easily do a quintuple with them, and this is was before the buff.


Genji is over tuned, simple as that. Stop your whining and open your eyes. If a bajillion people are saying he’s broken, then uhhhh, wouldnt you think. something’s wrong??


Forums are a vocal minority.

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  1. Thought you left for Valorant or was that someone else? :thinking:

  2. An history of being underpowered doesn’t give a hero the right to be overpowered suddenly.

Genji needs nerfs. End of.

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Genji is bullying teams in OWL on his own. That’s not ok.

Also, the argument “he has been trash for 2 years” is completely childish and crap.

Where are our 4 Mercy buffs then? Or where are our 8 Symmetra buffs? Huh? Huh?

Genji is overtuned and needs to be put back in line, simple as that.

I know playing op heroes is fun, but just like for Mercy during Moth meta, nerfs for him are inevitable.

Took me a long time to figure this one out, as I would see Genji’s that were mopping up but “he’s trash brah, trash, needs buffs don’t ya know” forever.

There is a contingent very similar to the mass of Tracer players (and some Ana as well quite frankly) who take up Genji; they presuppose they are somehow better than the other players because they took up those so-called “skill” characters. When they fail to do well, its not their skill that’s the issue, it must be the kit is too weak (or others like Brig are too good), because it’s just unthinkable they might not be all that good with the kit.

They also forget these two characters are supposed to be fragile flankers, who trade damage output for mobility. When a highly mobile character is dealing loads of damage, we have a problem Houston and that is just where the Tracer buff for range put her, but the Genji buffs are far worse to be frank.


Thank you.

Here, have a cookie :cookie:

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Don’t mind if I do, thank you :slight_smile:

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Still better than all the other DPS.

This one is a looot shorter than this one

DW we’ve all been there

I think this is definitely part of it.

The other issue is that quite frankly Genji was an uncontested powerhouse for a long time. For a long time there were no heroes that really posed a threat to Genji. He could go into any comp or fight any comp and still have the advantage. They believed it was because he was this high skill hero that they were so good on. Then when a new hero is added that weakens that ability or a meta comp that is stronger against Genji comes along a lot of the Genji players don’t know how to handle it. They felt like the other heroes/comps were just OP. They felt like their skill was so much higher and they deserved to win more. So, anytime Genji was not the best pick, they felt like he was broken. That is how you get people whining about how trash the #3 hero was. There seems to be this weird idea that he is only balanced if he is the best. And now that he is buffed to broken levels and is a must pick, they describe him as “finally viable.”


doubt that. most of the balance changes come from forums imo.

Which ones?