Genji desperately needs his damage back

I agree but so do S76, Reaper and Tracer!

Please revert them to how they used to be… this is so ridiculous.

And my god, please make Mei, Mei again. Revert her back to s9 2017… before you gave her multi-freeze and all those other buffs that ended up making her oppressive and got everyone to complain about her which lead you to sledgehammer her.

You’re kinda forgetting your “Buff the base movement speed on Supports as a passive by about 15%”.

Also a coherency style regen would help a lot to give Supports more downtime to do shooting/utility stuff.

And of course stronger out-of-combat heals would allow weaker in-combat heals, if composition durability becomes an issue.

I am not. I can advocate for a thing, and understand it’s drawbacks.

It WILL make supports DPS and flank more, that is a given. It is just a problem I am willing to overlook if needed :slight_smile:

But 100% it will make more people use their guns more than their healing.

The only drawback I can see is that Rein would probably need faster movement speed when his barrier isn’t up.

But he kinda needs buffs anyways.

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Ah, well for that

  1. Coherency for everybody, but remove the existing Support regen passive
  2. Replace Moira’s lifesteal with a selfheal for healing teammates.
  3. Maybe lower Support health, but give them weaker in-combat Coherency.
  4. Less Ult charge gained for damage, More Ult charge gained from heals.

Ok by now I’m rooting for genji mains to overtake the mercy mega threads, long way to go but you can do it.

All things which would work.


A LONG LONG LONG way to go. But I’ll do my part.

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make the game more dps oriented. idk if you have played gundam evolution but that game is an overwatch clone with one key difference: everyone is a dps with their role being secondary, and it works really well. I think overwatch could benefit from leaning more into the fps side of things rather than the moba side

That is a solution, but it isn’t really overwatch once you do that.

That is how we ended up here. looks around - I don’t think people are enjoying here.

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it would still be overwatch, i’d highly recommend trying gundam evolution, it’s got a low playerbase but it is extremely fun

Oh, I have. but I had to VPN it. I’m out in the OCE and all of that, so we didn’t get it right away.

It was fun, but it’s low playerbase is for a reason.

It is how hero shooters die, they move to more DPSy over time, and then just die.

Or, they START very DPSy and die right away. (See lawbreakers)

While i do agree that nerfing his damage and mag size was beyond braindead he did need a nerf. Honestly deflect just needs counterplay and making it work the same way as defense matrix and kinetic grasp would make it feel way more fair. Melee damage should be able to get through his deflect but I would say he should still not be able to be hooked. Also giving him another ultimate charge increase in exchange for his damage back I think would be very fair

i think it’s low playerbase has more to do with being released right before overwatch 2 and being a clone of a different game from the get-go rather than being it’s own entirely unique thing

feels kind of like titanfall2 symptoms to me

“This character went from extremely viable, high skill ceiling and you had to put in effort to be good with Genji.”


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It is just that hero shooters like that have to compete with all of the other shooters.

Overwatch doesn’t. It’s competition is Paladins and TF2.

Quake champions ALSO went down almost instantly.

yeah true, and overwatches competitors aren’t in a very good spot

Right, so why would you move? Until 31st Union games put out their secret (cough) project. They won’t have any competition in this space.

Most brain dead philosophy. Genji will forever be picked just cause he’s fun to play, same reason why junker Queen is still being picked even though she’s pretty bad. It’s a known fact that inherently fun characters to play will always have a healthy pickrate whereas even when orisa was very meta in Overwatch 1 her pickrate she was seen as less fun to play compared to the likes of rein

i see what you mean. I still wish for the game to be appropriately balanced some day though, rather than trying to serve different specific interests every few months

honestly we should just go back to 6v6 and give half of the old cc characters their cc’s back and i think that would fix a lot of the issues

They will stabilize now to the F2P crowd, for the first time in Overwatches history the money and the audience align. So that will bring stability.

They would need a way to keep the tank players playing.

Anyway, the next shakeup will be 31st Union games put out their secret (cough) project.

Sorry, I don’t know where that cough came from. Or the fact they have been grabbing Team 4 devs.

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