Genji Deflect Issue

The biggest of brain plays.


what about Ana’s sleep? The sound clip lasts longer than the sleep, so it’s harder to know when the slept player is going to wake up.

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I am happy this is going to get fixed ( i hope ) but i am kind of mad that my forum that i made about this did not get any report back to.

The fact that I’m a genji main smurf but have 2x the damage and more elims per 10 on ashe even after genji buff just proves genji still isn’t OP. He’s still one of the easiest characters in the game to counter. Winston, moira, brig, zen, lucio, zarya, a good rein all shut him down with ease. Cree can easily counter him with decent aim and timing. Sombra makes him a literal potato. Genji has been bad for 3 years, finally gets a buff that doesn’t even make him as oppressive as a good ashe, widow, hanzo, nowhere near as oppressive as doomfist or echo, and everybody loses their minds. L. M. F. A. O.

Not to mention the dash hitbox where you can shoot anywhere in the line of the dash and hit him because dash hitbox is the size of a semi truck.

Zen a genji counter. Are you serious about this ?

eh, kinda.
Genji counters Zenyatta in the mid-fight with his high mobility and “reliable” (easy) damage against an immobile, large hitbox, no escape/defense hero
Zenyatta counters Genji in the ult-fight through trans vs. dragonblade (but this interaction has been busted since Genji gets his ult faster with his extra damage, when they used to both get it at around the same time)
So, yeah. Zen does counter Genji, but Genji counters him too

Nanoblade kills through transc. Also, blade is gotten much faster now since the buffs. He literally does more damage, and he does it more reliably than ever, so it’s obvious why he gets blade faster.

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yes, but I was meaning them just by themselves. Of course, nanoblade can kill through trans, that is two ults against one ult (and is impossible if the genji messes up dash combo). Ana is also just a trans counter to begin with, her nade and nano make it quite easy to kill through trans (more so with nade because that was made to counter trans).

I’m tired of this nonsensical argument. Grav dragon is two ults and it can’t kill through transcendance. Any actual legit argument?

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Ok, legit argument:

  • Transcendence is an ultimate that counters damage Over Time.
  • Two ultimates that both use DoT would, obviously, be countered by transcendence.
  • Nano-blade does high burst damage that can kill through an ultimate that doesn’t protect against burst damage. This is also why snipers and Doomfist can kill through trans.
  • IIRC Nano-blade can still be useless against trans if the Genji messes up his dash combo.

So there you go, legit argument.

Damage over time generally sucks anyway and can be reacted to and healed regularly, so is it really countering anything? Compare it to Beat and Beat just dominates it in almost every regard. Transcendance is niche in comparison. Transcendance is much more applicable in a scenario where you can have more than two tanks and where 250+ HP DPS characters are viable, but none of this applies anymore. Role queue doesn’t allow more than 2 tanks, Reaper sucks, Mei is meh bordering on suck, Doomfist is meh, Bastion is trash. Grav+Dragon is not a common threat anymore. Anyone who thinks Transcendance is game-changing right now doesn’t think very much about how it interacts with the game in its current state. :woman_shrugging:

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Trans lasts longer (depending on the damage) and is more reliable with it’s damage mitigation, beat is easy to wait out or just power through if the timing of it was messed up. Yes, beat is better in ways that trans is not and vice versa, that is how multiple defensive ults are supposed to be.

Yes, trans works better with higher health teammates,
but this whole thing was about how blade by itself was countered by trans, and how nanoblade countered trans. I explained my point and yet you still keep trying to change this into “trans isn’t viable right now”. That was not what I was trying to put in a reply about how genji and zen by themselves counter eachother. This isn’t a topic on trans and you want to try and make an off-topic discussion on whether trans is viable.

Moral of the story: stop trying to pull an argument out of a reply that was explaining the interaction between two characters.

We can have a discussion on Zen’s issues in another topic specifically about that

If zen is dead before ult figts begin he counters nobody. And him being dead is easy to achve with the new genji so i dont think he counters him in any way

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I’m not saying that Zen doesn’t die easily and that he doesn’t have issues. I was just explaining how the dynamic between Genji and Zen should be (and how it used to be).

It’s adorable that the only thing people thought was wrong with deflect is the sound how about if your not perfectly tangent to the incoming perjectile deflect dosen’t even deflect

why would you necro this?

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Cuz it pissed me that this was one of the last things the devs ever replied to months ago and also cuz genji deflect has been broken since they added cancel