Genji Deflect Issue

While Genji deflect duration was buffed the duration of deflect sound queue is still the same as before.

How are we suppose to learn the new duration if the sound queue is .5 seconds shorter than the actual ability?

Seriously, I’m getting sick of timing my shots perfectly to sound queue just to remember “Oh yeah, they screwed up and didn’t increase deflects sound queue to match it’s new duration”


i timed it visually so i haven’t noticed a difference tbh

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I’ve always used sound queues to nail it so this is a huge pain for me.


Same with ana sleep dart

Is a price we need to take for experimental
Not real reason of why they can’t just put it on PTR and fix it like

Even me playing as genji, I think it’s gonna end every single time until I realize “oh right they buffed it…”


Thanks for the report. We have a fix for this issue in 1.50, currently in PTR. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.


How about just reverting the change? Genji is clearly busted right now, you have to see this???

Edit: Sry by the way if i come off way too harsh, i know you guys probably have no say in this.


He’s an overwatch developer. He most definitely does have say. At the very least he’s got more say than we do.

Matt, Genji is busted and things are only going to get worse because of the skill-based nature of his new, reliable M2-your-head+melee insta-gib combo.


Not every dev can make balance decisions. Jeff himself often doesnt even know what and by how much has changed.

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They don’t all have the final say, but every dev does have a voice in it. Blizzard makes a point of that.

Every time I see a random dev reply to a small technical error like this, while no other dev posts are anywhere in sight…

I always remember the time when we were so hungry for new lore or content on here and the one dev response in like a 4 month period was to a thread about “Does Torbjorn sleep with his mechanical arm claw or not” :rofl:


Fine with the rest of the buffs but the cancel on deflect is like cheating, uncounterable

Then that doesnt explain why Jeff as head director always seems uninformed about balance changes. Everytime he presents a new hero, he has to write stuff down in advance so he wont get things wrong.

Not true, you can play Pharah and suicide first. He can’t kill you if you kill you :face_with_monocle:

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Ah, yes, Genji’s bug addressed instantly with a few posts mentioning it whereas those of us who don’t play A-list celebrity characters make 100s of posts and nothing. Love that


What about the server problem? That is clearly for worse than this bug.

Its probably one reason why there’s maintenance today, hopefully will be addressed

I thought the maintenance was last night?

To me this says they weren’t planning on dedicating to the change before seeing its long-term impact.

or lazy sob’s

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The animation and sound department is always 1 step behid when it comes to such changes. When they increased Sombra EMP cast time, her animation was bugged for quite a while.

doesn’t this affect pretty much every hero in the game that shoots genji? isn’t it better for non genjis if this is fixed? i’m pretty sure this was fixed on PTR before someone complained about it because its so obvious