Genji Deflect Issue

Not an argument. That is in 7 games, and those were before the buff applied. Besides that is my smurf so it’s even less accurate. But I have a 77% WR on Roadhog and 87% on Junkrat, does that mean they’re overpowered too??

Genji is just actually lethal and not only a nano-bot or otherwise borderline throw pick now. You actually have to be careful about him and he won’t only throw chip damage from behind his shield, he will actually kill you if you are not careful.

Apart from the fact that his blade charges at light speed so an adjustment would be good, he’s fine. Period. Learn to play against him and you’ll see he’s not so “OP”


Having 77% on pre buff Genji is even worse. lol
His stats are exploding in GM and you clearly have no issues carrying with him on the old patch.

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I have no issue carrying with him on the old patch maybe because my main’s SR is literally a thousand above this account’s??? That’s not an argument, Genji is fine. Period. As I said, learn to play around him, isn’t that the same argument people here used for Brigitte when she was completely overpowered at release?

His stats are in GM the most problematic. This is not helping your argument.

You aren’t helping your own argument either.
You are literally looking at MY winrate with Genji over 7 games, to say, with confidence, that Genji is OP. You’re not using a pro’s stats, not using someone with so much more games, you’re using MINE. Question mark?

Also it’s only been a week since the buff, it’s not been long enough to get accurate numbers, not enough people have played and they haven’t gotten used to it yet. That’s exactly the same when a new character gets released.

Wait for a month at least before using Overbuff. People were using Overbuff stats day 1 after the buff, it’s stupid. Don’t do that for any hero because it’s just common sense.


And you throw games on him. Lol

I bring up your stats because someone who is winning 4/5 matches with him has no reason to believe hes fine. Didnt know your were a smurf at the time.

His GM stats are broken, you can see that all over the forums, it gets discussed in multiple threads.

Yeah so basically the fact that I am doing good with Genji proves that he was OP even before the buff? No it doesn’t. He was a nano-bot before the buff and couldn’t kill much of his targets, this buff only changes that and allows him to actually be lethal without waiting for Nano-blade to actually do something.

Also, US OW Forums are extremely biased and are terrible, I just come here to lose a couple of braincells everyday, remember about that girl called Aria Rose? And don’t ignore what I said about Overbuff.

The time frame doesnt matter if stats blow up like that. When Sombra got buffed, she didnt have half the increase Genji got and she got a hotfix nerf. Same with Bastion when they gave him 35% Ironclad.

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Genji also retroactively deflects things that hit him on your screen, but not theirs. :cowboy_hat_face:

And me waiting for

so much curious .__.

Mean while Genji mains have been waiting for over 2 years deflect hitbox bug, not to mention the hit reg bug and wall climb bug that plagued Genji since antiquity.

How will you ever live through a day without that victim mentality?

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Genji should also have a short delay after the end of deflect before he can throw shuriken again, deflect is already a very powerful ability, and the fact the he essentially gains peeker’s advantage due to ping at the end of deflect or whenever he cancels it is incredibly frustrating to play against. Just make it unaffected if he chooses to cancel it via dash cause he’s using multiple abilities, and the dash combo takes time/ skill to master…

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The biggest of brain plays.


what about Ana’s sleep? The sound clip lasts longer than the sleep, so it’s harder to know when the slept player is going to wake up.

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I am happy this is going to get fixed ( i hope ) but i am kind of mad that my forum that i made about this did not get any report back to.

The fact that I’m a genji main smurf but have 2x the damage and more elims per 10 on ashe even after genji buff just proves genji still isn’t OP. He’s still one of the easiest characters in the game to counter. Winston, moira, brig, zen, lucio, zarya, a good rein all shut him down with ease. Cree can easily counter him with decent aim and timing. Sombra makes him a literal potato. Genji has been bad for 3 years, finally gets a buff that doesn’t even make him as oppressive as a good ashe, widow, hanzo, nowhere near as oppressive as doomfist or echo, and everybody loses their minds. L. M. F. A. O.

Not to mention the dash hitbox where you can shoot anywhere in the line of the dash and hit him because dash hitbox is the size of a semi truck.

Zen a genji counter. Are you serious about this ?