Genji dash camera issue (1.47)

Seeing how Echo’s update is set to go live in 2 days and despite the numerous bug report threads (linked below) it hasn’t been addressed or acknowledged, I’m suspecting that the issue will make it to the live servers much like 1.44’s rubberbanding issue did despite reports having been made, so I am making this report in advance.

When using dash there’s a short period where you can still move the camera as dash begins, the camera then locks, this causes a situation where you might be dashing sideways, it also sometimes causes the camera to “jitter” a bunch if you try to turn immediately after dash when this bug occurs (this is demonstrated in the video in the first thread linked below, the second dash, 0:06 in the video).


Why are you reporting an issue here whilst it’s not live yet?

SO that the bug dosen’t go live unnoticed cuz if it does genji players will have to wait another week for this bug to get fixed.Prevention is better than Cure.

Though PTR bug reports should be put in #ptr-bug-report.

That channel is literally here to prevent these bugs coming to live.

It wasn’t acknowledged, wasn’t fixed, and would likely reach live much like the rubberbanding issue did, simply bump this if my assumption is correct.

bug was released into actual game…
shame cause they just buffed genji, but now hes unusable again ;(