General Error 0xE0010160 [SOLVED]

I keep getting the General Error 0xE0010160 message.

I have tried:

  • Updating my drivers
  • Reinstalling Overwatch
  • Restarting my computer
  • Disabling fullscreen optimization for both Overwatch.exe and Overwatch Launcher.exe

I haven’t found any posts relating to the issue that I’m having, but I have seen people following up on already created threads about the issue with no answers. Please help!


This error is generally caused when the game is not able to properly utilize the graphics card/drivers. We often see this occur after the Operating System is updated or drivers update. I’d recommend to try each step below:

Step 1) Goto your Documents folder select: Overwatch -> Settings
Open Settings (may be listed as Settings_v0).
Modify or add the following line: WindowMode = "1"

Retest. If the issue continues try step 2.

Step 2) Goto your Documents folder -> Select Overwatch -> Delete the Settings folder.

Retest. Let us know if the issue continues!


It worked! Thanks a ton!

I tried doing these two steps, but the issue still occurs. I’ve tried re-installing the game and did “Scan and Repair” before hand. What should I do?

Akreza - When did the issue start for you? Can you post up your Dxdiag to a site like then post back just the end of your address. Example: /3X4X8WY5 Just the bold part. This maybe related to the recent Windows update or Nvidia driver updates. We are trying to track down which one.

Other troubleshooting you could try:

  • Disable Fullscreen Optimization (For Windows 10 build 15063+)
  1. Log into the Blizzard app → Select the Overwatch tab → Options → Drop down to Show in Explorer → Open the Overwatch folder.
  2. Right click Overwatch.exe and go to Properties
  3. Go to the Compatibility tab
  4. Check Disable Fullscreen Optimization and hit Apply
  5. Do the same for Overwatch Launcher.exe
  • Disable or temporarily uninstall Nvidia Geforce Experience.

  • Disable Nvidia Share

  • Disable Xbox DVR.

  • Place the system in Selective Startup. (Make sure to restart the computer before retesting.)

  • You could try rolling back to your latest Nvidia Driver or perform a clean install of the last build of Nvidia drivers. Utilize a program like DDU to remove your current driver then reinstall the older one.

We have seen a spike of these reports with fixes ranging from restarting the computer, disable third party conflicts, or rolling back drivers.


I played until about 4:30 am this morning. The game was working fine. I tried to launch the game again at about 7:15 pm and I’m getting this error. Video drivers have not been updated and Windows did not update itself as automated updates are disabled. According to the event viewer, the only thing that has been updated between then and now is a Windows Defender virus definition, which I don’t think is relevant.

WindowMode = “1” was already enabled in the settings. Deleting the settings folder did not fix the issue.

There is no option to disable fullscreen optimizations on LTSB so I cannot do that.

Edit : Updating the drivers fixed the issue. This is odd as the game definitely worked on those previous drivers 13 hours ago.

Try this out! This worked for me! YMMV

Go to “Device Manager”

Navigate to your Graphics Driver(i will use my card for example):

Display Adapters

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

Right Click your driver and select “Update Driver”
Select “Browse my computer for driver software”
Select “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer”

It should show a list of compatible drivers, and in my case, i had multipe versions…
select the newest version driver in the list for your Graphics card, and click next to update…

I think when windows 10 updates sometimes it reverts your driver to an older version and you run into problems. this has worked for me everytime i get the 10160 error!

Good Luck!


it works for me … thnx mate :grin::grin::grin:

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The only fix that has worked for me. Make sure the peeps at blizzard see this. ^^ Thanks mate GLHF out there.


Worked for me thankssssss

I am having this same error and am unable to run the game at all.

I first set WindowMode = “1” and then deleted the settings folder and both of those didn’t work.

Edit: I rebooted and it works now. I think it had something to do with using VLC player.

Ok this is the weirdest thing. And here is how i fixed my issue.

So i am on Windows 7, and i had this issue. So i read all the post i could find dating over a year back, but nothing helped. But when i read this last guy here say it might have something to do with VLC, i closed that and tried again, but that didn’t help. But i did notice that Opera suddenly had like 20 processes going, it usually does not. So i closed Opera, and now the game works…

I don’t know why, but this is was what i had to do make the game run.

… aaaaaand the problem is back.

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+1 to still crashing after trying WindowMode and deleting the Settings folder.

It happened to me again. And this time i had to close Spotify to make it work. This is really weird.

Restarting my computer after a recent driver update seemed to solve the issue.

My hero

Worked! I got so worried for a moment there! :slight_smile:

For me It was completelly different, for some reason the nvidia container freezed, I discovered that while trying to open the nvidia control panel, so I stopped the proccess and let it restart, when I opened the game again it worked just fine

Hey all,

We’ve seen a ton of these fixed with simply restarting the PC. The latest Nvidia driver update requires a PC restart and it isn’t prompting all users to do so. If you’ve got this, step one should be a simple PC reset. If that doesn’t help you out, check out W00tma5ter’s fix or our troubleshooting here and here.

P.S. - keep in mind that a PC restart and a spontaneous reboot don’t do the same things. If you find that your PC is crashing, you may need to log in and safely reboot before proceeding.