Games Like Apex Shows Overwatch Is Too Team Dependent


Apex Legends is great because it has the right balance of allowing individuals to shine but also allowing cool team work plays.

Overwatch has the same problem Heroes of The Storm had. It has taken team work dependence to the extreme.

OvErWaTcH vs ApEx

lets not rush with conclusions. Apex is most likely to suffer from the same problems once when there is a competitive mode.


The game where you play in three man squads, picking characters from a (for now) short list, with characters that synergize well with certain other characters, and has a ping system to tell teammates crucial information to help your squad win? Yeah, that doesn’t sound team based at all.


Ive read pro players on twitter saying the game feels far more balanced for competitive on day one than any BR game out already so… And I still don’t understand the comparison (that OP mentions) with AL to OW considering they are really different, but just pointing that out.


I suck at apex and have more fun that overwatch. I don’t have a horrid rank but the game is so easy to have someone go troll around and ruin 11 other people’s game.
And I’m sure most people are tired of that.


Yeah, the game is a slave to meta and I agree, it is absurd that one players can mess up the five other players. It is the reason why I slowly stopped playing the game actually. And with the recent layoffs at Blizzard, I can only feel it is going to get worse.


Stop comparing an fps with a BR. They are completely different. I dont care if u compare fortnite with apex.


I literally get on to just screw off and see what kind of goofy stuff I can get away with. I used to play seriously but when blizz stopped caring so did I. And I don’t feel bad for their player base leaving. Because they deserve better than what blizz gives them.


I was very presently surprised by this. My teammates were being ambushed on both sides, lifeline using her drone behind gibraltars cover for survival, I managed to get to them with wraiths ability and make a portal out, but thinking about it, I could’ve done the same thing with caustic, or Bangalore, or mirage.

Like the abilities are so simple but the way they interact with terrain and the dependency on terrain and how limited the kits are mean that you can combo them in so many ways and you need to be creative with them in cool and fun ways which is what I’ve always loved about overwatch (things like when rady_ow blocked a dva bomb with iceblock, or saved a sleeping mercy with an ice wall below her and an iceblock above her, not the standard ultimate combos that the game currently is).

I think the fact that any of these heroes can combine these plays and I’m not receiving hate for picking my favorite character is why I’m playing it more and more.


I mean Overwatch is a TEAM-based shooter so yeah you might have to rely on your teammates a bit.

Thats also what seperates it from CoD and other FPS games


Well don’t we want it to be team dependent since it’s a team-based shooter? Isn’t that a good thing?


the thing is tho we all want it to be less team dependant but when a character can beat multiple people at once we all call it op and want it nerfed so what do we rly want


But OW suffers even in arcade or QP sadly.

People don’t wanna play what the team needs they wanna play what they wanna play.


It’s almost as if team-based games rely on teamwork…& it’s the community’s fault for picking up a team-based game & not playing with a team-based mindset.

Just a thought.


Then just go play Apex and stop trying to turn OW into something its not. Personally, I like OW’s team-based set up. I do not think that OW should abandon its identity to compete with games that aren’t even in the same genre.


Apex is 100% deathmatch, of course it’s not going to be as team dependent you loonies lol


Being a part of a TEAM always cause FRUSTRATION. OW/HoTs should since day 1 enforce the team-comp to reduce the frustration the most posible.

HoTs should have 1 tank, 2 healers and 2 FLex as mandatory since 1 day

OW should have 1 shield tank, 2 supports and 3 FLEX since day 1

Sadly OW/HoTs gave total freedown to the game without take in consideration the frustration and this is what make people ABANDON this games

Apex have lots of mechs are a bit negative in my opinion:

The ability to heal yourself and recharge your shield. This kill the Tank-Support roles. There is not necessary a good healer or a good tank if you can just recover shield/hp for yourself

Kills should be like this:

1.- You find your Purple Helm/Body on the map then you fight until the dead. Not recharging etc
2.- Droping somebody to the floor should be a KILL and not a K.O allowing he can go back
3.- Only Healers/Tanks should be able to recharge the shield/HP of the team mates giving them a reason to exist

So apex is amazing game but is far away to be perfect


4 considerations:

  • Apex has a lot less characters to choose from
  • Apex has an immense open world on which to act and exploit all the game mechanics to the last corner
  • Apex enjoys a variation of weapons and conquest of equipment as you move forward.
  • Objective: kill as soon as you can all the others without pyload, conquer points staying in an area etc.

That team play is better is above all for the non-limitation of the means, but already from four simple points you can understand how relevant the comparison between pac-man and poker is. :man_facepalming:


I think the two games are very much competing with each other. They are both in the general first person shooter genre just in different sub genres. On top of that, they are both team based shooters. They are generally going to attract the same population and as a result compete for the same population of gamers.


There is literally no way to play solo in that game…? Well i mean i guess if your squad dies and you abandon them.