Gamerant's Battle Pass Slow Progression

I saw this on the OW subreddit and it appears that they have discovered the the progression into the Battle Pass is slow.

…we have played the game for an average of two hours per day for about 10 days at the time of this writing. This includes 83 games played and 44 wins so far. After all this, we’re only at tier 26 in the Battle Pass. This is with a 20% XP boost from owning the premium Battle Pass.


Shills when reading this probably


im aow2 hater as well but if what they say is true then they lv up the battle pass 2 times a hour…its not THAAAAAT bad for how bad it could be{ one lv up per day}


I think there was a thread where some F2P praisers are actually putting in question those articles stating it’s poor journalism or something :sweat_smile:


I mean with that rate theyve given over the amount of time we have to complete it, they’ll have finished the battlepass twice over plus a little before it ends, that doesn’t sound unreasonable considering its meant to be completed over the 9 weeks not in 3 weeks


Its two hours a day for 10 days, so thats 20 hours at level 26 with the boost. Thats about a level an hour. Not to mention its about 4 games an hour. Thats kinda slow.

Ya its not halo infinite but better than the bottom of the barrel shouldnt be what blizz strives for here.


Remember a few weeks ago they were saying that the only doomers were on this forum. Now apparently the entire internet is out to get Blizzard and OW2 lol.



this is really bad :upside_down_face:


where’s Ijekiel when you need em?

SOMEONE has to scream “FAKE NEWS!” at every OW2 article and we need that someone now!

one of you has to have a hate train lying around that we can blame this on. anyone got the (obviously astroturfed) metacritic page up? a random twitter user who needs to be called out? (they said the new voice lines are kinda cringe)


take away that 20% boost


I remember doomers being called “a minority” indeed.

I don’t consider myself a “doomer” per se but I always speak my mind. I like Overwatch but it will never keep me from calling out something that I find not really acceptable for the franchise so yeah, I guess people would call me “doomer” as well :sweat_smile:


Ok that’s not bad though, isn’t the battle pass season like 3 months?

And people who are online a lot e.g 6-10+ hours a day gonna be finishing it pretty quick


72 days, I think… ?

That’s what I saw on a stream “72 days left” on the BP. Can’t remember what streamer it was. Someone with a British accent.

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That’s sad to hear. It sounds like they put actual effort into testing the game, and documented their findings in great detail.

It’s specifically 9 weeks, which is 63 days. It’s likely 72 days comes from 9 days before release of the BP for normal people.


Oh yeah, that’s going to suck.

This is actually a relief. I was beginning to think it would be much worse. :face_exhaling: They’re progressing at slightly more than 1 level per hour, so this is very doable in 9 weeks.

It’s still a little too grindy though, as it doesn’t leave adequate time for other games. Reminds me of the self-centered teacher who gave you hours of homework, forgetting that you had several other teachers who were also each giving you homework.

EDIT: I take it back. Factoring the 20% boost into the calculation, they’re progressing at only 0.5 levels per hour. This gave me full-blown AIDS from head to toe.

EDIT 2: I was informed that it’s not a 20% tier boost like I first thought but rather a 20% XP boost, meaning my original statement was correct. They’re progressing at slightly more than 1 level per hour. I’ve been cured of AIDS, and while the grind still leaves me with several lesser diseases, I’ll survive.


I know but apparently, people defending the F2P model state that there’s a lot of misinformation concerning “OW2” but I don’t really see what those misinformation are… Maybe something specific but people are actually freaking out over things that are 100% true so I don’t know…


Oh right, good thinking :slight_smile: ! Even though it doesn’t make sense why it was displayed “72” days as we’re only 5 days away from the BP being releasing. Something’s wrong with this maths :sweat_smile:

But… Tier 55 for new heroes is completely fair! Blizzard said so! YourOverwatch said it doesn’t matter!


Its 2 months not 3 months, my math could be wrong though