Game wont launch from my SSD

I recently purchased an SSD to run my games on. After transferring Overwatch to the SDD, the game no longer launches. I click play, it says the game is running, I get a black screen for a second, then it closes and the Bnet launcher says “play” again. When I transferred the game back to the HDD, it works fine.

I have not had this problem with the other games I play, namely Destiny 2 and Fallout 4.

I’ve tried using the scan and repair tool, disabling all background apps, clearing the Battle net cache and Tools, and uninstalling and reinstalling my game. Anything else I can try? or should I just leave the game on my HDD

Do you use any razer devices? I had a similar issue where overwatch wouldn’t launch past a black screen and found that uninstalling razer chroma sdk fixed that issue. I just made a post on here as well about it - just recommendation from personal experience this week :slight_smile:

Hey Eyesluna,

Was the file path updated in the Blizzard launcher app? Should be in the main app’s options menu under “Game Install / Update” - Basically if this file path isn’t updated, the launcher will try to locate the .exe file in the old folder instead of the new one.

The new SSD will also need to be formatted to NTFS. If it’s on any other file formatting system, it will not work with the game. Common examples are Fat32 and ExFat (usually used with Linux)

I do have razor synapse, would that be problematic?
That and synapse and OW work fine together when its installed on an HDD

Hey Eyesluna,

The Razer Chroma software has been causing black screen issues recently, so try these steps.