Game wont allow me to play

i want to play the game but when i try to join any server it connects but keeps me on the searching for games menu even tho im technally in the game i can talk to people in the game but im not really in the game and it ends up saying connection failed i dont know why im having the issue can someone tell me why im suddenly having an issue with connection to an overwatch server?

Which connection troubleshooting steps have you tried?

hello ok i CAN play online games just not overwatch for some reason i tried playing a different online game and it worked but something about overwatch is different i should be able to play online i know im not banned from the game i tried that didint work its not my internet or my computer also i did a factory reset not cause of overwatch i got a new ssd also it did the same thing on my hard drive so its not cause of the ssd


We do not support cellular connections. Can you attempt to utilize a private broadband connection to see if that helps? These types of connections can run into a lot of extra interference depending on usage along the route and even weather. If this has worked out for you in the past your cellular provider maybe able to help troubleshoot this issue.


thats a lie i know that for a fact cause ive been using a cellular connection since i started playing overwatch and i had no problems until now so there should be no problems theres something wrong with your servers i should be able to play if that was the case i wouldent even be able to log in much less than be able to try to connect to a game server