Game Unresponsive


The game always feels unresponsive. Can you please advise?

Ping is 50ms
FPS is 150+

Reduce buffering is on. What else can I do? Routinely it feels like 200ms+ lag in other FPS games.


Thanks for the reply. After making notes then what?


Solomon, basically the higher the SIM rate the more time it takes for input and output to be processed by your computer. I maintain a guide here which documents tips and tricks to reduce the overall SIM rate and increase overall system performance here that is worth checking out:


SIM: 6.5/ 6.5/ 198 ms
IND: 20.0/ 20.0 20.0 ms
LAT: 0.0/ 4.8/ 19.8 ms
PNG: 43.0/ 48.0/ 56.0 ms
RTT: 46.9/ 48.6/ 50.6 ms
CMDQ: 0.0/ 0.7/ 2.0
PPS IN: ~65.0
PPS OUT: ~64.5
LOSS IN: ~0.0%
LOSS OUT: ~0.0%

Seems pretty steady. Still feels like it’s always 200ms compared to other games. I press buttons, but it always feels like the game responds too slowly, like there’s a pause. I don’t experience that in Rainbow Six: Siege for example.

My computer is fairly powerful, and I run the game at over 144fps. Could freesync be causing a problem though?


Huh, I don’t notice any dips in frame-rate. It will fluctuate a bit but remains in the 130-140s. I ran through the article you linked. Everything looks good. What do you advise I do next? Should I turn off AMD’s Freensync? Thanks!

Running AMD drivers 12.2.2. I have an AMD 480 8gb video card, i7 7700K and 16GB of DDR4 3200 RAM. All SSD storage, so no defrag. I’m running Windows 1803 (I guess I could update to 1809 - heard it has problems).

chkdsk was fine, sfc fixed a couple of things, but repeat scan was clean. Scanned and repaired Overwatch - no issues. I have a 144hz freesync monitor. I guess I can turn off relive?

Just played some quickplay and the third SIM value does fluctuate quite a bit.

Merry Christmas! :slight_smile: