Game started freezing for several seconds during fights

It usually happens when a lot of action is happening but sometimes when there’s not even that much going on and the game will just freeze for like 3-5 seconds. Probably played 1000hrs of OW on this machine by now with no real issues and machine is running other games fine. I have a 2060 and a Ryzen 5 2600. A while ago I moved the game to a new m.2 drive that I just installed but moved it back to my main drive in case that was causing the issue and I tried a clean reinstall of my graphics driver and it’s still happening. Any suggestions about how I might fix it??
(On a separate note, I’m also not able to update to the new experimental patch for some reason)

This can be connection or hardware related, so it’s best to include your DxDiag and WinMTR that the sticky thread requests for new threads.

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