Game runs bad on an MSI Laptop


I own an msi laptop with an I5 and 1050 dedicated GPU. I cant even run this game on lowest settings at 60 fps? I understand the 1050 isnt exactly high end but come on lowest settings should easily be able to muster 60 fps.

Canyourunit has this at recommended. My Amd 6300 with a 270 video card ran this game on high settings at 60 fps. We are talking about slide show on LOWEST


Sounds like your card might not be selected in the nVidia Control Panel? Or perhaps some other issue? Do you have power settings on High performance while plugged into a wall? Optimal power = balanced and not high performance.


ive tried forcing the nvidia gpu in the control panel as choice of card. Ive tried balanced and high power. It nets all the same results. I shouldnt be capping at like low 40 FPS with this laptop.

This game aint no crysis type game.


You would think by now any pc like lap tops could push anything.Its 2018 no one should be playing in low settings!


It’s been running really poorly for everyone since the Busan update. Blizz broke something and either A: won’t admit it or B: it’s not affecting the OWL so they don’t care.


This is simply not true. The game has been running really well for me, and others, since the update. Just because an update has happened on the game doesn’t mean it is the direct cause of the problem. There are too many combinations of hardware and software on individual computers that can cause conflict issues.


same actually but now on my new gamer laptop that is really should run this makes it shutter


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