Game Pretty Much Ruined By CC

Just tell me how do you deal with Genji or Tracer without CC? They will be the king of the game again. You will complain about them and wants CC back lmao.


That’s another issue, yeah.

Well yeah, they can learn so much from WoW for so many aspects of this game… but they just make the same mistakes again…

They never were kings of the game, especially not Genji.

As for how you deal with them… you just shoot them. What’s so hard about that?

This is a shooter after all.

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I don’t think you have to add THAT MUCH CC to the game just to counter Genji and Tracer.

Maybe more mobility. Maybe stronger self healing bursts. Stuff like Baptise, without making people losing control of their character. Seems like there should have been something they could do other than start adding heroes with multiple stuns and knockbacks.


In an MMO, the same amount of CC without diminishing returns or some way of escaping would never work. Blizzard know this, they’ve made an MMO for crying out loud and know all about the importance of CC breakers and diminishing returns.

Yet for Overwatch they seem to have completely forgotten about their past knowledge of too much CC without any checks.

So in a match you can be stun comboed by Doomfist, frozen by Mei, slept by Ana, stunned by Brigitte, slammed to the ground by Reinhardt and get held in place by Zarya. Oh how much fun.

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This game has been CC creeped out of the wazoo. We need some form of reduction yesterday.

7 out of 9 post launch heroes had CC. Doomfist, Brig and Wrecking Ball have multiple CCs each. Ashe has two as well if I’m to be pedantic about it.

On top of that, existing CC got buffed considerably. Lucio’s boop got buffed so it no longer needs ammo, Pharah’s boop CD was reduced from 12 to 9, Flashband had a duration increase, Shatter is way more consistent and hits through payload, Mei’s primary pierces enemies and lasts 50% longer, Mei’s Blizzard got range buff and pierces barrier, Junkrat got an extra mine…

There were some CC nerfs too, true, but small and far between when compared to the additions of CC, mostly to Brig and Doomfist. Seismic Slam pullback got increased again, Rising Upercut and Slam CD buffs as well.

Now to salt the wound, the latest knockback changes made it so even CC that is spammable hit like freaking trucks. Zarya right clicks will boop you into Narnia, so will Junk’s primary.

CC is a part of this game. That doesn’t mean it cannot be overdone.

They said as much back in November. Now CC has never been worse.

Incoming PTR Changes:

CC doesn’t need to be gone, it just needs reducing. Important distinction. And dare I say Tracer and Genji are taking the CC creep better than most. CC is actually countering the least mobile heroes more than those two.

Ideally we want to make CC less effective when stacked. One CC isn’t a problem, stunlocks and CC chains are. What we need is CC build up resistance, no single CC loses effectiveness, CC still counters exactly what is supposed to counter and Blizzard can add as much CC as they wish without adding to the CC creep problem.


With that you can survive them, but you still cannot kill them.
The day they nerf cc, the nerfhammer better fall on those 2 as well

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I know. It blows my mind that they went through all this CC stuff already in OW, with Jeff Kaplan in charge! And now… same thing in OW.

You see pros or streamers showing their gameplay, trying to play as Rein while getting stunned, knocked, stunned, knocked, lol.

Come on.

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Did you forgot the 1,5 years of dive? Good memory selection.

And we have goat now.

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Shouldn’t be surprised though, this is the company that went on stage in front of hundreds of hardcore PC Diablo fans, only to announce a game for mobile platforms, the arch nemesis of any PC gamers. And then they acted surprised that people responded poorly to it.

They’re living in their little bubble and get surprised easily when a sliver of reality seeps into that little bubble. They would probably act surprised that it went as far as it went, and surprised that people didn’t like it.

Speaking of GOATS, most heroes in GOATS have CC. Rein comes with Shatter, his swing CC and even Charge, Zarya with Grav and right clicks, Brig has Bash and Flail, Lucio has his Boop and Dva her rocket boops.

Ana GOATS? Add Sleep to get 6 out of 6 heroes with CC. Winston GOATS? Primal and Jumpack for even more CC.

Swapping in Dva for Sombra GOATS? Gotcha yourself some Hack. The variation of GOATS with least CC is what the SF Shock is running recently, when they swap Brig for Baptiste, even that comp has 4 out of 6 heroes with CC.

So GOATS isn’t just stacking healing, tanking, damage denial, defensive ults, etc. They’re also stacking CCs . Wanna nerf GOATS without trashing the heroes for the ladder? Here’s a target: Reduce CC. Two birds one stone, you might actually improve the game for everyone else while addressing the meta.

I’ll volunteer Shatter as tribute. Shatter should not go through payload. Be nice if heroes could contest the cart without a shield tank between them and the enemy Rein.

No… are you suggesting Genji was the king of dive? Like D.Va and Winston, Mercy and Zenyatta weren’t more responsible for dive than either Genji or Tracer?

Yes you say the 2 tanks 2 healers and the other dps are?
When you played other character than them it was throwing.

Bottom line is if you’re good enough to have ever played dive, then you’re good enough to shoot Genji and Tracer without needing a crutch.

This is exactly why we don’t need more.

Except most characters in this game are balanced over Either CC, movements or both.

If you look at characters with neither, youll see that sym (especially before her rework) was bad. Torb was bad before his new rework gave him more movement. Bastion is also bad. In fact the only character who has neither, and hasnt been awful most the game, is zen. And he makes up for it with insane damage, good auto heals and a debuff. Which some people even consider a secondary type of CC. I dont, but then again im not a big mmo person.

Even bappy, whos movement is kinda, meh, has been poorly received and not often played.

And when you have characters in the game pretty much being balanced around Movement or CC, youll just continuously switch from Dive, to close quarters brawl comps. Because without CC, mobility rains unchecked. And without Mobility to bait CC, CC just counters everything slow even more so. It and endless cycle of this games design and will continue forever. So if you dont like one side, wait for it to change. If you dont like either, play a tactical shooter.

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But playing the game in 10second chunks in between cc and 1shots is FUN.

You can’t have characters with hypermobility and characters with no mobility without giving the ones without a way to stop their mobility. Otherwise characters with mobility are unstoppable and must picks


That’s why you give the characters guns. It’s also why high mobility pretty much always comes paired with short range.

Yeah sure. Like mccree can counter tracer without flash or 76 can counter Doomfist