Game not canceling when someone leaves

When has it changed so that game does not cancel when someone leaves within a certain time? I had a leaver on my team literally the second the round started and the game was not canceled? Ppl in the game said it only cancels if someone leaves in hero select or afk kick out when not even picking a hero.

How does that fix any problems? It’s just going to cause more win trading, leavers who want to ruin the game for others and other problems??? Absolutely ridiculous.

I think whether the match is cancelled is related to how the player was disconnected. If the server boots him/her out, match is not cancelled. But if he/she leaves, or afk kicked, match is cancelled.

I don’t think the system can tell the difference.

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The system cannot tell the difference between a leaver and someone who intentionally leaves, it’s one of the reasons there is a penalty system.

Games should be canceling within a certain timeframe and a player has withdrawn from a match, it’s not dependent on AFK or intentionally leaving. As far as I’m aware, after the 40 second mark the game will not conclude early.

i swear i have seen Jeff (or someone high in position) post on a topic regarding leavers long ago. They said they know the difference.

No. In fact here’s a thread provided by a Blizzard Technical Agent regarding the situation

i see… thanks for correcting

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My pleasure. I’m happy to help out : )