[ GAME MODE ] World of PvP ( RPG Quests Shops ) >> v.2.4 <<

1.0 CODE: PTR05
1.5 CODE: HM02V1
1.9.1 CODE: 438HM
2.1 CODE: BN82J
Latest version is 2.4 CODE: XDJSHW

I want to make this mode like a little MMORPG world in Overwatch.

Mode content:

  • safe city with a lot of custom shops and places , like:
    -----> stats shop
    -----> damage effects shop
    -----> custom quests taking place
    -----> bank
    -----> custom ability shop
    -----> healing fountain
  • custom quests system
    -----> This in an important part of the mode. Completing quests you will receive rewards. There are many types of quests.
  • PK ( Player killer ) status system. After killing a player you will het PK status for a time. If you die in this status - you lose some gold. If you stay alive and status ends - you get reward. Killing players with PK status will not give you PK status but will reward you.
  • custom ability and damage effects. Buying these bonuses in shop gameplay will be more various for you ! For example you can buy ‘smoke field’ ability and with crouch you will become invisible in fog around you ( like a ninja ) or you can add your attacks freeze effect and others bonuses in shop.
  • bank and economy system . Gold needs for buying upgrades, skills and anything in shop. But when you die you lose some gold. You can save your money in bank and like bonus, you have +10% of your gold in bank every 60 seconds ! Looks tasty right? Also in shop you can upgrade your "gold income stat " and increase all gold rewards for quests, PK rewards, bank % .
  • Events, which you can find around the map like gold mine or blood crystal.
  • Gold mine . In the middle of the wastelands ( territory out of the city ) you can find a gold mine. Every player can earn gold when staying in the gold mine, but more players in - lower gold income.

Hey, I’ve been playing this for about an hour and this is what’s annoying :

  • Moira
  • Player Killer status. The effect lasts too long and I almost never can survive for a minute.
  • You need to add a town spell. Why ? I’ll show you an example. I killed a Player Killer and got 10 gold. Then I died about 7-8 times without being able to go to spawn. So I literally lost all my gold.
  • Maybe add a “dueling” system. Let me explain. A player tagged another player. For this reason, the attacker can be the only one to damage the victim, and reverse.
  • Player Killer status : Punishes you for killing someone and rewards the death of a player to come back and kill him.
    Otherwise very cool, luv it.

Hello, thank you for your opinion.
Let me to explain PLAYER KILLER status time = 60 seconds.
In this mode thare are NO reasons to kill player without quest. Itl like in a real MMO. If you kill a player you will be punished for one minute. If ill remove Player killer status or will make lower time - it will be like usual FFA mode in overwatch , everybody will kill everybody without afraid of punishment.

Just do not kill players without a reason and do not lose your gold)

If you want people to not kill other players, make it more clear. Ppl don’t understand it. Which makes the gamemode dumb. Suggestions to avoid that :

  • Do safe zones in the wastelands, 1 or 2 would be enough. Or heal zones.
  • Add a rly big text in the city above the exit that says : “REMEMBER, KILLING ISN’T RECOMMENDED. PREFER BEING FRIENDLY.”

I just have added a Jail for mass player killers and working on intro for the map start i hope it will help newbies to know what to do at the start. Thank you for you opinion mate.

Doesn’t work ? It’s just worse. Now literally everyon kills you. Also ppl use emotes so they get out of jail. Sorry for salt, just it’s so annoyingto have ppl killing you after a quest.

I`ll think how to balance this.

Hey there, so idk if its your code or not but i have been modifying a version of this game mode and i added some tweaks such as limiting stats to a max to try and stop crashes and to make it so that eventually everyone would be on a similar level instead of there always being that one guy who is far higher then everyone else, also added a teleport to leave town to try and counter the spawn campers and in my version you can choose any hero at the start rechoose random for 50 gold or choose for 500

I believe its from your 1.9 version so an older version and if you want to check it out the share code is XMFMZ

Good job, thank you!

Hey Rinq, a little over a week ago I first discovered your gamemode, and I loved it. I have since put well over 100 hours of work into changing/improving upon it. It now lasts over 50 minutes consistently, and has a lot of new but also a few removed features.

Are you still developing the gamemode? Let me know if I can help.

Note: The newer versions are now being posted separately.
Here is version 9.4 ==> GR2WV (old)
Here is version 10 ==> TJ0TR (old)
Here is version 11.6 ==> 5XXWN (old)
Here is version Infinite-1 ==> CVR9S (old)
Here is version 11.7.2 ==> ZPGGC (old)
Here is version Infinite-2 ==> TJHNW (old)
Here is version 12.1.1 ==> MB592 (old)

The Infinite version has a few removed features compared to the regular one, however it usually lasts a very long time.

v12 introduces blood crystal events, re-balanced blood quests, and most importantly, it finally enables the victory condition!

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I’m having some trouble with it because it lets me enchanted one stat or accept one quest but then doesn’t let me deliver the quest or do anything else. I can only assume that this game mode wasn’t supposed to go on console, but I just want to make sure

You are correct. I have not tested this on console, so it may not work there.

Hey battle mercy ive been trying out your gamemode ever since but if i may ask if you could do a version where the bank income for the gold can be edited to every 10 seconds it gives interest. just to have a version of it that is faster in phase

Im not sure what numbers you want exactly, so here are 2 options.
Here is v11.6 with 8% interest every 10 sec --> EP06G
Here is v11.6 with 1% interest every 10 sec --> KGYAY

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From now on, I will be posting the newest version like this, along with its known bugs and the change log from the previous posted version.

Version 12.2.3 ==> CZ765
Version 12.2.3 Infinite ==> H9634
Version 12.2.3 Peaceful ==> 4CQCJ

------------------------------Change Log------------------------------

  1. Increased the kill objective from 150 to 200 kills
  2. Added the option to hold crouch to multi use altar
  3. Added event timer countdown
  4. Reduced move speed cap from 3000 to 1000
Bug Fixes
  1. Fixed a bug where activating the mega ancient altar would give a message that said -60 gold

  2. Fixed a bug where the blood crystal quest would display half the intended reward

  3. Fixed a bug where the blood crystal event would cause no other events to appear for the rest of the game

  4. Fixed a bug where the objective description would not appear for all players

  5. Fixed a bug that allowed the player to have a stat above 10000 when using shops in a certain way

Other Known Bugs
  1. The pk status that is displayed above the players head sometimes fails to go away after pk status has expired.
  2. Pressing Interact + Crouch to buy the max amount at the shops will delete any gold spent upgrading stats beyond their cap.
  3. Re-rolling a stay alive quest will cause the next one to be completed instantly with 0 reward.

Version 13 is here!

Version 13.4.2 ==> CQ7CK

Change Log

New Features:

  1. Added a random tip shop
  2. Added more vibrant colors
  3. Added new currency: Diamonds
  4. Added a new mine: Diamond Mine
  5. Added diamond market
  6. Added Diamond mining hud

The Diamond mine is a feature meant to give players joining later a better chance to catch up in stat upgrades, as the value of diamonds is not effected by gold income. Instead, the value of diamonds will increase as the time goes on, and can be traded for gold in the city. Additionally, diamonds will not be lost when the player dies. Eventually I would like to add additional things that can be done with this currency.

Removed Features:

  1. Removed wall climb ability
  2. Removed smoke field ability
  3. Removed magic nova ability

As fun as the above abilities could be, they were very scarcely use yet very server intensive. As custom game servers can only handle so many amazing things, they have been removed in the interest of adding other more exciting features. These may reappear in the future if servers or optimization improves.

Changed Features:

  1. Damage effects have been changed to allow only one to be used at a time.
  2. Players joining late will now receive the gold equivalent of putting 500 gold in the bank and waiting until that point.
    This means that if a player were to join 10 minutes into the game, they would be given 500 x (1.1^10) gold, or 10 interest cycles worth of 500 gold. (1297 gold)
Known Bugs
  1. The pk status that is displayed above the players head sometimes fails to go away after pk status has expired.
  2. Pressing Interact + Crouch to buy the max amount at the shops will delete any gold spent upgrading stats beyond their cap.
  3. Re-rolling a stay alive quest will cause the next one to be completed instantly with 0 reward.

Unfortunately the new features have done a number on the server performance, so expect around a 40 min server life until I get it optimized again.

What do you enjoy about this gamemode the most, and what do you want me to focus on making/changing/fixing?

Good luck
Have fun
And thanks for playing!

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Just wanted to say, It’s really annoying playing with you because you cheat via the workshop, and anyone who saves the gamemode knows it.

edit: Before anyone says, the latest workshop release is clean of any cheats, there are plenty of ways to run cheats in a gamemode and hide them from people trying to save the mode.

First of all, thank you for the feedback.

I don’t intend to cheat during games, however I often run some code that allows me to make myself invincible and/or invisible, give myself or someone else gold, change my move speed, display certain stats or statistics, and somethings I even force start events.

However, what I don’t want to do is to give myself an unfair advantage. In the games when I am using these tools, I avoid pvp (unless someone ccs me). I believe that cheating is wrong and it most certainly is not fun.

Going forward, I will be more transparent about when I am testing things and don’t want to be killed, vs when I am just playing the game like a normal player. Whenever I activate any of the aforementioned code, an In-world text will display above my head saying “Dev Mode Enabled” or “Dev Huds Enabled”. This text wont go away until the server restarts.

I hope this will make my intentions more transparent.
Btw, here is what that code looks like ==> HEP0E

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Welp, Critscan and BattleMercy is here @_@

Arius has entered the chat.

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