Game loads me into match incredibly late, kicks me for being "inactive", game closes, then penalties me


Hi, ever since the new patch Ive been having issues playing (I have the minimum requirements for overwatch to work and it works fine).
The loading screen while entering a game stays black and loads me in the game incredibly late and sometimes says it’ll kick me for being inactive, when I literally couldn’t see anything because of the black screen.

Now I entered a match, after waiting for 5 min behind a black loading screen it said on screen that I was being removed from the match for inactivity, STILL with the black loading screen, and then overwatch closed. I relaunched it and it said that I have received a penalty and I will be taken 75% of xp for 8 matches. I just wanted to finish the 8 matches quick with no problem since it was a technical issue, but it happened again and gave me another penalty and did the same thing but added 4 more matches, in a total of 12.
Anyone know a way to solve this issue?


Have you tried any connection troubleshooting? If so, please specify what you’ve done and we can try to figure this out from there. Please include a WinMTR in your reply (use spaces to break links).