Game Launches and then Immediately Closes

Don’t know what going on, it was working fine yesterday evening. I ran a scan & repair but for some reason the game will launch and then close itself. It doesn’t even get to the “connecting to server” screen.

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Are you currently or have you ever used any Razer peripherals? If so then the cause may be the Razer Chroma SDK. If that’s the case, you’ll want to uninstall Razer Chroma SDK Core Components. Past that though we’ll need to get a DxDiag report to look into this further.

I just got a Razer Huntsman yesterday for my birthday, but it was working fine and without issues, even supporting all the hero color pallets (which is quite cool). How do I go and uninstall the Razer Chroma SDK Core Conents and get a DxDiag.

I provided the link on how to obtain a DxDiag report in the previous post. As for the Chroma SDK, you should be able to uninstall it like any other program through the control panel. It will be listed as I posted it earlier, Razer Chroma SDK Core Components.

I uninstalled Chroma SDK and saved the DxDiag, where do I go to share the txt file?

edit: well sure enough, uninstalling the SDK solved it. Any idea why it was causing the issue in the first place?

This is a common issue caused by an older version of the Chroma SDK. We have a post regarding this and the different fixes here. If you need the chroma support, you can try installing Razer Synapse 3.