Game launch problem

Hi there,

This is Specialist Game Master Lynieth. So sorry for missing you! I tried to message you a few times, but it looks like it was bad timing and you were AFK, busy, or just were not seeing my chat. :(

Looking over your files:

Razer Chroma SDK Server Razer Razer Software Development Kit - may cause blackscreens and crashes - Most of the time razer chroma, software developer kit, and the razer synapse wizard would be the biggest suspects there.

atkexcomsvc.exe  Asus AI Suite - May be a sign of Overclocking - this is also known to cause the issues of blocking the launching.

In your Windows Erros, I am seeing constant errors from Razer Chroma and Lightingservices.exe. A few from LEDKeeper.exe as well. 

Other things found that we might want to check on: 

muachost.exe MSI Gaming App - may cause Performance Issues

steelseriesengine3.exe c:\program files\steelseries\steelseries engine 3\steelseriesengine3.exe SteelSeries Engine 3 - Controls lighting and settings for SteelSeries hardware. May cause issues if not up to date so I might check for an update

Beyond that, we would want to go through the steps (including advanced section) at and

If no improvement, let us get a few files so we can look over your computer and your connection to see where it might be goofing up. When we do any troubleshooting, it is always best to get clean files so if we follow up with more steps, always try to get clean copies of these just so we are not looking at old stuff. 

(These can take around 5 minutes each to complete - you will know they are complete when you get a new prompt to pop up in the CMD window. :)

Pathping: (I would just start this one and leave the Black window up and running in the background until you get the other files since it can be hard to tell when it is actually done.)

System Files:

This way we have a bit more info to attack this and get you back in the game!

I contacted customer support via ticket, and wasn’t at my pc to be able to test and reply to the ticket, due to irl stuff, and me not knowing what to do with this information. I have read through this ticket a few times, and do not know what to do with it.

please help…

I think the first steps you’re looking for are these:

If that doesn’t help, report back and we can worry about the networking tests etc. I don’t know what your ticket originally mentioned, so I’m just going off the answers you were provided.