Game lagging hard

Hello everyone! lately ive been trying to play but no matter what i do, the game is laggy as hell, i dont have any connection issues, the fps are spiking like crazy, from 3 fps to 40 to 144 then back to 5fps, this happens in all game modes even on firing range, i have everything up to date, anyone have a solution for this?

Hey DeletBrig, try to endure the first 2 rounds. Do the stutter go away? If yes then you are dealing with the same loading issue I struggled for the past 2 months.

2 things that fixed it for me:
Run Battle.Net in Administrator Mode (This did it for me)
NVidia Control Panel set to “Maximum Performance” just for overwatch

This sounds like a hardware issue. I recommend starting with this:

Also, make sure your post includes a DxDiag. Thanks!