Game keeps on crashing for no reason

Hi. I have a problem with crashing. My PC has a Graphics card, which lets it run overwatch on ultra graphics, but i use High. Recently my game has crashed several times. Usually in middle of a match. My endorsement level has lowered because of this. There is nothing wrong with the graphics card or in the PC in general. Can someone help me with this problem?

Thank you for your time


Did you lose the connection to the game server, because thats something im dealing with too (also a good graphics card etc.)

No. My game literally crashes and shuts itself down. I have checked all my video settings and they are working as intended no problem. I even tried lowering my graphics to medium and the game still crashed. I have no clue why it does that

Are you getting a pop up with the error code? The staff can sometimes deduce your issue from these reports if you submit them. Also, you can view what happened at the crash times in the Windows Event Viewer under Windows system logs. Look for critical errors with red icons.

If you don’t have an error code and can’t find the culprit in the event viewer, we could look over a dxdiag.

And just to make sure, are you using any Razer Chroma devices? Those have been creating a lot of issues recently. Known Technical Support Issues - Updated Oct 13, 2021

I have been getting some Error codes, but i really didn’t pay much attention to them. Next time the game crashes, i’ll put the code down on a piece of paper

ive had this problem too ive updated and checked everything uninstalled and reinstalled repaired the game i dont know whats wrong i just cant seem to find a fix it happens every 30-45 mins into gameplay

this happens to me as well despite having a 2060