Game keeps crashing

Every time i open overwatch it loads and crashes. ive done everything to fix it idk whats wrong.

Usually caused by this:

Or security apps. The game crashing isn’t a current known issue of the client itself.

So I dont have anything razer, I have uninstalled all razer programs from my computer. Is there anything else I could do to try and fix the issue?

When you crash do you get any specific error messages? If not , can you describe the behavior of your system when it does crash?

In the meantime, let’s start with the basics with these common crash fixes:

Up to date geforce driver for gpu? Overclocked gpu? (try putting it to default clocks if so- also make sure up to date) is it a memory problem? (try having task manager open and seeing if it hits max memory usage and then crashes) check device manager to make sure everything in theres up to date/nothing seems outta place like ! mark or anything, can scan for changes in there etc. Maybe try uninstalling OW after all this if nothing works, and re installing it. If you need more help I can help you on discord worst case easier than back/fourth here

Came on today and it just worked i dont know what the issue was before. hopefully its fixed thank you guys.

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