Game keeps crashing

So far I’ve crashed during 2 of my 3 placements this season. In the middle of a game OW will crash and not give me a crash warning or tech support code, and then when I try to relaunch it just won’t. Please help

EDIT: It crashed I as I opened it this time and it gave me this code 944C2439-3D34-4814-95F8-5B57FFAFA45E

Blizzard has several threads for troubleshooting pinned to the top of this forum. Which steps have you tried from their suggestions?

Ive already taken care of the razer software issue, im fairly certain that I dont have a virus, but does xmp profiles count as overclocking in this situation?

This can be confirmed by looking at a dxdiag.

Yeah, most likely do count.

I’m out rn, will send dxdiag once I’m home. But I’m on razer synapse 3