Game keeps crashing with Nvidia Graphics Card

So I have this problem that the game will crash randomly during the loading screen or right at the end of the game (After showing POTG, cards, stats etc).

Sometimes nothing will appear, the game just freeze and i will have to force restart the game.
Sometimes a pop-up will say “Your rendering device has been lost”.

Has been happening so much lately and it is just frustrating.
Even got suspended from competitive play because of it.

I am not sure what is going on with this problem. I tried reinstalling the game and it still crashes.
The graphics card I’m using is Nvidia Geforce GTX 850M.

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Yep, same stuff happening to me. Played 5 games last night, went fine. Played today, and it’s just nonstop crashing. I crash, rejoin, and the game has no models loaded for an enitre 8 minute game. Try to restart and queue again, crashed in spawn and got banned from comp. Absolute bull

Hey, another problem… game closing during comp or qp and i get a panelty for it … this is the code i get 2758C854-05D6-4D1D-BC85-274CE5766A84… nice one blizz…

Hey DragonKnight,

We have a thread covering these types of errors here. There’s a lot of information there that can help out.

In your case, I checked the error report being sent to us and it appears that Windows is reporting that the card lost power or was removed. You may want to try reinstalling the Nvidia drivers or checking for overheating. If this persists, there may be a deeper hardware problem causing an issue. I would suggest avoiding competitive mode until you figure out this problem though.

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Hey, I have already checked that link you provided before I made this thread and it didn’t talk about Nvidia Graphics Card.

Not really sure what happened to the graphics card. Maybe it’s old (that graphics card is over 3+ years), anyways I did update the graphics card driver yesterday after the crash and there hasn’t been any crash for now. I will still keep an eye out on it.

My friends had been telling me it’s specifically Nvidia Graphics card’s issue, not other graphics cards, but may be on Nvidia’s end or Blizzard’s end (Maybe there some code errors when Nvidia Graphics card handles the game?)

Also because the game freezes and I will have to force restart my computer by plugging out power (Task Manager can’t save it, the computer just freezes and I can’t even bring out the Start menu). I can’t send in any crash report so I don’t know how you got it…

I don’t know if the problem I had is the same as yours but I have a NVidia GTX 1060 that works great for every other game but crashes with Overwatch. The crashes would be at random times in game or in menu. About every 15 minutes or so.

I tried

  • reinstalling the game
  • reinstalling windows
  • Installing the latest drivers
  • Walking through the debug logs to look for clues.

Finally what fixed the issue is uninstalling my Nvidia driver and then Installing a driver from much earlier. I am back to driver 388.59 (from around December I think) and everything has been running great for a few weeks now.

Anyway maybe not same problem but it worked for me.


Yea I have updated the driver and it still crashing in Overwatch unfortunately. Now it even crashes when showing the Death cam. Can’t risk playing competitive anymore knowing that I will crash any time.

It only crashes for Overwatch and not other games.

Same for me. Is there any solution yet?