Game keeps crashing after a couple games

6160624F-618D-4F7E-8B93-F5F651DD9B39 is the code the pop up thing said to show Blizzard support

I usually have been having a ‘‘Rendering Device Has Been Lost’’ error but this time it was telling me to close off any overlay or capture software that could be using Overwatch graphics or something like that? Which i don’t have any of those open

If there’s any way i can give more info to solve this issue let me know!

Add a DxDiag report to your thread, as mentioned in the stickies.

Do you have a 3080 or 3090 series card? I was having a similar issue and this was my fix in my own thread, perhaps it will work for you.

"I have been able to replicate this issue, it is due to Overwatch crashing when my GPU begins clocking close to or above 2.0 ghz. Many of the newer cards are able to due this with native variable clock rates to get the most performance. There appears to be an issue with Overwatch coding that does not like this feature as this is the ONLY game that it is a problem with.

I was able to pseudo fix this issue by locking my clock rate around 1950 mhz, as soon as i spike above that overwatch will crash. Keep in mind I’m able to run closer to 2.1 or 2.2 ghz in games such as Modern Warfare, Borderlands 3, Diablo 3 or FF 14 without issue.

This does not appear to be an Nvidia driver issue specifically but something with how Overwatch itself is handling the rendering process."


There are some crashes from the GPU, but they might be caused by the Touch Portal services or the audio drivers being out of date. You can check the motherboard site for newer drivers.

Actually i do use a 3090 card!
How did you go about locking the clock rate?


Use MSI Afterburner, you need to go into the ctrl+f panel for voltage and hz and flatten the curve out. You can also undervolt this way and have your gpu run cooler and quieter. Id suggest just watching a youtube video on it but its pretty easy and quick.

When I purchased my 2080 Super (years ago) I remember trying at least 5 different cards from different manufacturers. One of them (the Asus ROG Strix 2080 Super) crashed OW every few minutes. The GPU load was only moderate (my average load is always well below 100% to be able to keep stable frame rate) and the temps were low/average. The crashes happened only with that card and only in OW. The other cards could run OW without issues and they were tried in the exact same machine with the exact same software and hardware environment.

All cards had their default settings without tweaks but I used MSI Afterburner and hwinfo64 for monitoring. The Asus ROG Strix 2080 Super was the only card with boost clock going above 2GHz. I ended up keeping the MSI 2080 Super Gaming X Trio that had way better thermal performance and no issues in OW (it has much bigger cooler fins, lower minimum clock and can run with zero-rpm fans when I’m not gaming). The default variable clock of the MSI GPU is between 300MHz and 1995MHz. The other cards I tried were cheaper models with lower clocks.

Overwatch is an application running without administrative privileges. It shouldn’t be able to crash anything by simply asking the CPU and the GPU to do work. The “Rendering Device Has Been Lost” problem is highly unlikely to be the fault of Overwatch.

Video drivers can detect specific applications (for example by the name of the executable) and behave differently. This way the developers of the driver and the GPU can provide backward compatibility for some popular old 3D applications and they can manipulate benchmark results too. This is why some older 3D apps and games crash or disfunction after renaming the executable.

Since OW is a popular “old” game I wouldn’t be surprised if the NVidia drivers tried to do OW-specific tricks. This means that it can very easily be an NVidia driver issue that causes problems only when you play OW. This is something over which Blizzard may have zero or little influence.

I seem to have solved this
Maybe this can help someone

In short, just check your ram one by one if possible and see if it still happens
if you getting rendering device lost or other GPU driver related errors

I have been using 4 sticks of ram, they all the same brand and model and speeds and all however the version number differ since purchased at different times/places
Two of them says Ver. 3.50 or 3.30 i believe? and the other two 5.50

I ran memtest and it was all good but when playing with all 4 of the sticks in the motherboard i would crash after 5-10 minutes or just being in the menu, or even closing the task manager and it would give me ‘‘rendering device lost’’ errors and other driver related messages
(Other games like DOOM Eternal did this too, giving driver related to GPU messages)

I didn’t have issues before using all those 4 ram sticks but maybe a windows, bios or something update made those versions of ram not compatible or unstable??

Things i tried before this that didn’t work:

  • Uninstall/Install Overwatch
  • DDU graphics drivers and re-install (Newest, older stable drivers, and even a hot fix that came out a day ago
  • Fresh windows install
  • Physically clean computer and reseat some components
  • Undervolt / Underclock GPU
  • Motherboard BIOS update
    (none of the above made a difference except removing the ram sticks of the other version)

I no longer seem to get crashes at all only using those 2 ram sticks of the same version!

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