Game hides itself when I try to screenshot or records?

Good day!

Recently, I accidently updated my NVidia driver, and have run into one issue that only happens with Overwatch and only on this (my main) account. Whenever I try to take a screenshot, the game tabs out to another game, or hides itself if I attempt to run it in Windowed mode.

Now, if I go on an alt account and attempt this, it works flawlessly, included recording.

Did I check a setting wrong? Is there something I missed? I’ve worked for 7+ hours toying with settings to try and fix it and can’t figure it out. Any help is appreciated!

If you require information, I’ll provide what I can.

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Sounds like a system-level keybind is activating another app/overlay, which is also taking control when trying to use Windowed mode. However, that’s not a behavior specific to the Overwatch client and there’s no keybind for minimizing the window. Closing background apps may help narrow it down.


Thanks for the replay! It doesn’t work in windowed or full screen on my main account, however, if I use one of my alts it’s just fine, which is why I believe it’s a privacy setting. Ideas?


I don’t know of any privacy setting for specific accounts that would cause different window behavior. Have you tried looking to see what’s grabbing focus? Maybe Window Focus Logger could help, or even the Windows Event Viewer.

Window Focus Logger didn’t tell me anything sadly, so it seems that the window isn’t being grabbed by anything else, it’s simply being tabbed out of. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s like how if you try to take a screenshot of Netflix, how it hides it for privacy reasons, why is what has me confused as to how it occurred.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t another app, it just means that the Logger can’t see it happening.

Let’s look at a DxDiag, if you could post one on

Is there a specific part of the DxDiag you’d like to see? I’m a little concerned displaying a full system information on a public forum, so I’d like to specific showcase specific areas if you can tell me which ones you’d like to know.

Thanks for the help!

Unfortunately, looking at the report in pieces is not helpful. Keep in mind, a DxDiag report is common practice, and it is requested any new tech support thread include one. If you search “DxDiag” on the forum, you’ll see thousands of them.

The request is at the top of the forum:

If you put the report on you can set it to expire after some time.

However, if you’re truly uncomfortable with this process, you’ll want to use the ticket system to communicate privately with the staff.

Got it, I set it to “burn after read” so you can only click and view it one time before it’s gone. Here you go!


In the report, I only noticed a few things:

Drive: C:
Free Space: 119.9 GB
Total Space: 952.7 GB

I recommend cleaning out enough space to have 15% free. This is optimal for the drive to perform as it should.

Event Name: LiveKernelEvent
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: 117

There’s an error originating from the GPU driver or GPU. Unfortunately, the report doesn’t give more info on it, but that’s probably the source of the window losing focus.

Might be worth looking at an MSInfo, too. For that diagnostic I recommend the same setting for on Pastebin. Generally Blizzard doesn’t ask for it on the forum, but they do require it for opening a ticket.

The GPU driver was updated yesterday, the space is only for the C drive, the clips are on the D drive, so the space isn’t the situation here. Regardless of that, I’m running out of ideas. Is there a driver you would recommend rolling back to if I hadn’t a choice?

Thanks so much, seriously.

The space on the C drive will affect performance of the computer, because that is where your operating system is installed.

I’ve recommended above to look at the error section of the MSInfo.


Alright, so what I did.

On my laptop, I checked the GeForce Experience installed on that machine, then copied it over by downloading online (it was a 2018 build), then Display Driver Uninstalled the ENTIRE display driver in safe mode, downloaded the 2020 Cold War Game Ready Driver, and rebooted into normal mode and installed the GeForce Experience from 2018 first. After installing that, then the Game Ready Driver, which you do a custom install and pick “fresh install.”

Afterwards, set your settings as normal, and enjoy having your clips back!