Game froze in comp now im suspended

My game client froze during the character selection screen and now I’m banned and lost SR. Comon blizzard help me out here. My internet is fine and it’s amazing actually.

Freezes are frustrating and depending of the behavior of the freeze you will need to check if there is a connection problem or a system performance issue. However if this is the first time that this has happened, I would recommend playing several games in a non-Competitive mode first. That being said if you are “freezeing” frequently check either of these guides for robust troubleshooting:

As a reminder penalties cannot be reversed. See this topic for more details:

What I’m going to do in response of course is NOT buy lootboxes. Check my account and you’ll see I’m one of your whales and have been for a decade. I spend money based on how I feel and I don’t feel like spending any more money with you Blizzard. Your explanations don’t have me wanting to open my wallet wider…