Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs

Yeah not smooth like i have in ow1 but now is not crashing. Thanks.

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Command not work for me so i have to wait until they do some update on the issue im so mad right 2 updates and nothing to help us play amazing…

After today’s update I got crash in the first game, while yesterday I could play around 10 games in a row without crashing :confused:
Btw, I have i5-7200U, not i3, so that’s not only i3 owners problem (but same 2 cores / 4 threads)
P.S. Both yesterday and today I’ve played with command -threads 2, so you can decide for youself to use it or not.

bruh this patch made it even worse for me, yesterday i could lock the game to 30 fps and play for about an hour, now it crashes in the menu

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Okay, I played a game with that command and so far, everything is good.

After the update, I got a freeze after 10 seconds of the first match I joined.
Yesterday before the update, with the -tank command, I played 3 games in a row before the freeze happened. Seems the update made things worse.


still crush every after 1min

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Same, bro, I’ve locked the game on 30 fps too and finished few games in a row, it was first time ever I’ve played that long without crashing. Today - first game send me to hell.

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Btw, I’ve got answer for my Ticket (after more than 2 full days, lol). The only thing they’ve written - “try File repairing button, it’ll definitely help”. Amazing, thank you very much :roll_eyes:


So from what i understand, Maintenance works for some people and not everyone. Weird tbh.

They’re mentioning that imo
I don’t think maintenance fixed anything related to our issue

when was it ? ‘the maintenance’ i mean

about 3 hours ago

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Had to disable hyperthreading once again to be able to play the game. I can confirm that to me disabling hyperthreading fixes the freezing issue completely, played 10 matches without freezes, but at the cost of playing at max 30 fps… way too low for an fps to be enjoyed.

It seems like the —tank_WorkerThreadCount 2 works. Not really smooth though I mean casual frame drops but at least it is not freezing anymore. Played for an hour without freezing so it is too early to tell but this is the longest I ve been able to play without freezing


I played 5 matches in a quick game with the team --tank_WorkerThreadCount 4, there were no freezes, there were of course sometimes drawdowns in fps, but this is not critical, so I think you can play on.
After each match, I took breaks for 2-3 minutes to take off a little bit of CPU usage percentage
I was afraid to go to the rating so far, but I think it will be the same.

P.s. I played on low settings and a maximum fps of 30

Overwatch 2 crashes for me after a minute in the practice range, or even in queue. The screen freezes and nothing is responsive, usually have to sign out to get back access to my PC. Tried the possible work arounds across the last few days, nothing worked.

Overwatch 2 Freeze/Crash DxDiag -

I was having the freezing game issue where my game would be freeze in the middle of a match and would go black if I was to try to go to desktop or alt tab. The only way to close the game was to use task manager. I have seen that a lot of people are having the same issue however I think I may have found a temporary solution. I have every no apps running in the background, even turned off real time protection on windows defender and disabling all the tasks for windows defender on task scheduler and have my windows volume and in game volume on 0. I turned everything down to the lowest possible setting, turned off dynamic render resolution and and kept the render res at 100% with an fps cap at 76 in game. I haven’t had a crash so far. (Im running on i3 1115G4 with MX350 graphics and 12GB ram) Here’s my dxdiag:

yeah it works for me aswell, but i think we can use this temporary, frame drops kinda annoyed me sometime. Hope they’ll fix this issue soon.

Guys give the --tank_WorkerThreadCount 2 -thread 2 commands a try, they “worked” for me (I didnt play a lot but I stayed 30m in practice without crashing and did two games) and even if that doesn’t remove the bug for you, we only have that before they release a patch

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