Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs

People are saying this might be 2 core CPU issue but i think we’ve seen enough posts from people with high-end systems to conclude that’s not the case

I think this is an issue from blizzard and from the game itself it might be related to all the servers issues who knows

Anyway, blizzard really needs to fix this, a lot of people can’t play the game :rage:


Also, ctrl-shift-esc to open task manager, then alt-o-enter to bring task manager to front will work every time

I cant believe with all these replies and being one of the most common error in ow2, still no reply from blizz


Yeah, it’s incredible. Right now i don’t wanna play other game i only want play OW.

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It is still unconfirmed that two cores are causing the issues.
And we have hyper threading, so they are 4 logical cores.
I can’t test at the moment, but have you tried disabling hyper threading and see if that makes a difference?

A few did

I’ve been crashing all day, I get alerts about leaving early… I am SCARED I will get suspended or banned… I left the game alone for a few hours to avoid it but every time i come back its freeze and use task manager to end the process. I have no clue what to do and I want to play so much…I don’t want to keep having to leave to play games i dont want to and that I was only playing until this release…I literally end all processes close off everything only have overwatch playing but no I can’t get through a single game.


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I also have this problem,
i have a 3 core processor
8gb of ram
and an nvidia gpu
debloated version of windows
i also uninstalled my graphics drivers and reinstalled them.
i saw another thread saying a fresh version of windows works for them
did anyone try it?

My brother seems to have found the problem. I have 8gigs of ram as well… Seems im 1 ram short and that’s what is causing my freeze and crashing error, a weird little dip and spike…

I have 32gb ram, and i have the crashes. I don’t believe it is a RAM problem

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I was about to reply in spanish xD My brother tried to under clock my PC to try and avoid problems and then entered the game and played himself for a bit while having the app he used open. as soon as the crash happened there was the weird spike of the ram…

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Same problem
I3 7100 , rx460 2gb, 8 gb ram
I’m already beginning to get very angry that they simply ignoring our problem and do not write anything about it anywhere.


are here only problems with intel? i5 - i9 ?

no amd?

i have amd athlon x3 455


still no reply from the devs huh, this is so annoying
I cant even go back to OW1, back there this issue is not around


might just have to reinstall windows

Disabling Hyperthreading (i3-6100 dual core + ht) seems to have worked for me thus far, and I’ve been troubleshooting since release! This seems to be the most effective workaround, so there may very well be a dual core CPU issue. I also suggest if you are using an AMD gpu like I am (RX 470) make sure to download the latest BETA driver from AMD to version 22.10.1 (non-whql) as it has specific optimizations for Overwatch 2!

You can TRY setting the affinity on overwatch to only use the 2 physical cores and not the logical cores (hyper threads) but that method still resulted in a crash for me. I think you have to physically disable HT as some have suggested in the bios, but if you want to try for your system to manually set which cores your application can run then follow these steps:

  1. control + shift + esc
  2. right click Overwatch (must click more details bottom left)
  3. click ‘goto details’
  4. right click 'overwatch.exe"
  5. click ‘set affinity’
  6. select only physical cores (for Intel it’s ‘core 0’ and ‘core 2’)

Blizzard are going to have to fix this as I don’t think it’s a GPU driver related issue, good luck!

I reinstall windows and the problem still.

I only saw one post about the worries of getting suspended due to leaving games. The person who replied had the name and message highlighted in blue like most people who help. Overall the person said we just have to deal with it if we get suspended…